YY unexpected highlights Music revenue accounted for more than half of 90 million accounted for 30%

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2012 in the first half of YY revenue constitutes



technology news October 15th evening news, with the YY company’s prospectus submitted to the SEC, YY’s revenue structure exposure, the outside world is an accident, the first half of 2012 YY music revenue reached 92 million 720 thousand yuan, accounting for 30% of total revenue, far more than the well-known online advertising (mainly warcry) business.

YY prospectus, the company’s revenues are three aspects of the online game, (mainly from the gaming platform YY game.yy.com), YY music and online advertising (mainly play network game portal). In the first half of 2012, online game revenues of 150 million yuan, accounting for 46%; YY music revenue of $92 million 720 thousand, accounting for 29%; online advertising revenue of $30 million 960 thousand, accounting for 15%.

YY what is music? Why is it so shiny?

according to the prospectus, YY music was officially launched in March 2011, is the YY chat tool in the music channel, mainly to provide live music show service. Performers can interact with the audience in the form of Cara OK, singing competition, or video. YY provides a wealth of virtual items, users can buy gifts to the favorite performers.

sina science and technology into a room called the 80s entertainment and leisure club experience. The room number of more than 10 thousand people online, a stylish dress girl is singing for the user, and to use the performance gap to encourage users to send virtual goods to her, the prices of those items ranging from 1Y dollars to tens of Y dollars (Note: 1 yuan coin equal to 1Y).


price is still a prominent position to guide the user to open the "noble" service, after the opening of free propaganda, distinguished display and other functions, in which the lowest monthly fee "Baron" 250Y coins, the most expensive "King" monthly fee for 120 thousand Y coins.

these attractive settings, so that YY music has become the fastest growing business in recent years, YY. Revenue in the first half of 2012 was 9.6 times that of the same period in the year of 2011, and the revenue of the game was only more than 2 times that of last year. The third quarter of 2012, YY music monthly active users reached more than $26 million 570 thousand, paid more than 350 thousand users, per capita spending up to $254, close to $298 of web games.

YY wrote in the prospectus, according to DCCI survey of China’s Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the three cities, 20%~30% people sing once a month Cara OK. DCCI estimates, China’s ten largest city Cara OK related industries reached $8 billion 600 million. YY said that YY music provides live music and online Cara OK features with strong growth potential. (



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