Sources said the acquisition of Tencent last month to complete the amount of 170 million yuan

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August 23rd, according to reliable sources disclosed that the Tencent acquisition of Comsenz case completed last month, the purchase amount of 170 million yuan, or about $25 million, this amount is $60 million before rumors of a lot of low.

the sources said that the current development of Comsenz encountered a bottleneck, although holds a large number of users and resources, but profitability has been facing enormous difficulties, therefore, Kang Sheng innovation shareholders began to seek acquisitions since the beginning of this year.

at the same time, according to analysts, Kang Sheng Tencent acquisition of funds is far below the market value of 5% Tencent, therefore, must notice the obligation of Tencent and Tencent, to Kang Sheng acquisition may take the acquisition of 51% equity holding pattern.

yesterday evening, held by the Sohu IT was informed that and have Comsenz main Tencent.

in June this year, the Sohu IT has exclusive coverage of the Tencent acquisition Comsenz news. When there is news that the two sides have negotiated specific matters, for cash and stock price of about $60 million. The chairman of the Qihoo, angel investor Zhou Hongyi had invested Comsenz, this transaction is behind the facilitator.

so far, Comsenz has 200 employees, it mainly provides UCenter community based solutions, including Discuz /UCenter Home/SupeSite and other community products.

as of press time, the Tencent and the terms of the merger were not Comsenz responded. (Lin Fenglei)

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