2013 national (first) network soft text marketing forum registration

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soft Wen marketing change webmaster soft marketing change market

soft marketing, so everything is possible

meeting objective:

to build the country’s first professional network soft marketing forum, the first network of soft resources trading platform


with the impact of the Internet on people’s work and life style, soft marketing has gradually become a popular way to compare the current corporate marketing, and presents a never had a broad prospect. At the same time, more and more enterprises begin to realize the importance of soft Wen marketing, is also trying to try soft marketing, this is because the soft Wen marketing can produce the following value:

one: search engine marketing, enhance website ranking. How to make your site in the search engine, made on the position, maybe you will say "the chain is king, the chain for emperor", but most people relatively headache is how to let the chain of lasting and effective growth, and marketing just can solve this problem, a good to help users valuable articles, users will be continuously reproduced and spread, and not easily removed, generally as long as the website exists, soft you of the chain will persist, the chain is the user’s own forwarding, and natural increase, the search engine is very love, insist for a long time can enhance the website weight and keywords in the search engine ranking.

two, reduce the cost of enterprises, improve brand awareness. The biggest effect is subtle marketing to consumers, and ultimately the formation of purchasing power, and of course this soft is hidden is closely linked, when you read a soft text, in fact you have been soft advertising affects, or believe in the soft advertising to publicize the advantages of the product, this is the soft advertising influence. For many startup companies, advertising is soft has been very good propaganda way, it has low cost and wide spread, and if the written press release issued, easy to form credibility and gain the trust of the users in the major portals, can enhance the brand awareness of enterprises.

three, promote sales, easy to form online purchasing power. Effect of soft products can be imperceptible to consumers, and to promote the line trading, a general way through the soft Wen introduced brand products or advertorial content link with the direct access to the site, it can improve the number of website traffic and orders.

four, crisis PR good helper. An enterprise in the growth process, inevitably there are some negative information, especially in the Internet era of information explosion, high speed, network communication can be unlimited reproduction, for an enterprise to maintain the brand potential problems, and marketing in the network of public relations crisis has played an important role. Especially in the negotiations after the fruit, we can prepare for something positive and soft, put in the famous portal, can realize the pressure.