Shanghai River Network BBS, online education portal and SNS advanced theory

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deputy general manager Xu Hua Sina and Shen Yunfang

Shanghai River Network

from a college English shift BBS to a cumulative amount of 200 million independent access to multilingual learning portal, and then successfully extends the online learning community, online education website of Shanghai Hujiang network almost every step stepped on the point. But in his own mind HJ, whether it is transformation of portal, offering online mall or paid online, have encountered difficulties when a fluke.

with the chalk network, Bayesian network and pass class network emerging online education platform for online business, attention, learning and thinking as well as new oriental traditional offline education of listed companies, the domestic online education market competition will become increasingly fierce. No business model of Shanghai river network is the only feasible, but later more or less are used.

The development path of

Shanghai river network, probably show the domestic online education from the "BBS era evolution and slash-and-burn cultivation", and everyone say that a few years Web 2 "had not left behind.

in the story before, first visit a group of Shanghai river network data. Shanghai river network, founded in 2001, the cumulative amount of 200 million independent access, 20 million registered users, 6 million daily PV. The business is divided into multilingual learning portal, Hujiang network business platform "Shanghai shopping" and "business school", the school in 2012 the overall revenue of over one hundred million yuan, three in revenue accounted for 20%, 40% and 40%. The company has achieved profitability as a whole, and listed as a development target.

college geeks Arno

2001, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, majoring in international trade Fu Cairui founded the Shanghai river network’s predecessor, "Shanghai s BBS". "Arno" is the name of the volt, but also now 500 full-time employees on his name. At that time Arno was a little geeks fan children, he had a desktop computer host shift into BBS server on the bedroom. The first two years, this server will afford the Shanghai river network is not thousands of daily visits more. Wait until the "retired", the host of the components have almost burned.

"Arno knows technology and design, so now is our chief product manager." For the soul of the company, Shanghai river network deputy general manager Xu Hua is obviously very admire. In the company’s internal SNS, many Feed pages are often Arno scraper, because "he always picked on bug".

and founder of technology trends and fast tracking also let Shanghai become the eyes of many people "western style" of online education company. 2004, Facebook on-line. This SNS form in 200>