Why small programs on the line was left out in the cold part has been updated

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early 2016, the concept of small programs were put forward in early 2017, a small program formally launched. Small programs do not need to download, do not account for memory, run away, for some small memory, just use the basic functions of the user is good. But soon after the line, the topic of small programs were snubbed. Some users said that the use of scene and the frequency of the use of small programs are not high, a small program can replace APP to dominate the political arena, there is still a question.


applet has stopped updating

small program in January 9th this year on the line, a small program on the line at that time caused a burst of small programs in the heat of the sun, many users share their own experience in the use of small programs on the internet. However, to this day, whether it is in the WeChat group or circle of friends to share the user experience is not much use of small programs. Some netizens said, the uninstall has been installed in the back of the commonly used APP, a small program is still difficult to replace the traditional APP."

at present, some small programs have stopped updating. In January 15th, the logic of thinking of WeChat founder Luo Zhenyu in the circle of friends screenshots circulated on the Internet, screenshots show, Zhenyu said "we decided not to do it. We know what a small program is. Haha, but can not say." However, the exit of small procedures and why he called "small program is" what did not elaborate. In addition, in January 13th, there is news that regulators have emergency stop accounts, trading and other financial programs, after receiving a notice of a small number of financial companies have been forced to suspend service. BYD reporter found a list of some of the financial program has become grey and show "out of service", and search for a small program in WeChat, was "not to search for related procedures". Regulators said, mainly for network security considerations. However, the public account can be carried out within the number of functions such as trading, why to a small program on the network security hidden problem, regulators and Tencent are not given the answer.


small program memory can also be directly used

do not need to download the APP consumes the flow of memory, directly in the WeChat call out, this is a lot of users believe that the most convenient place for small programs. Some mobile phone memory only 16G or even 8G users in the mobile phone, do not want to download a lot of not commonly used APP, but occasionally need to use and do not think it is convenient, small program was largely seen as the users of the gospel.

small program in addition to the memory side is smaller than APP, in the cache is also better than APP. After the cheetah cleanup master test, several commonly used APP applications occupy the size of the phone space, and the size of the space occupied by the small program, the maximum difference of 1452 times. In the case of Tencent, the Tencent video applet occupied by the cache is only 110 billion, while the Tencent occupied space for mobile phone video APP 149 MHz, the cache is 10 trillion and 740 billion, a total of 159 trillion and 740 billion, two is more than 1450 times.