Beijing police arrested hundreds of people Night China Xiaguo Bo net sales of suspected counterfeit

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8, Fengtai District, the North Bridge Investment Building Room 308 "China Expo", empty, still hanging on the wall "sales countdown" slogan. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo


Huaxia Guo Bo website selling coins price 4 million 500 thousand yuan.

– "60 police cars at night away hundreds of people tracking survey

news news is telephone sales, designed to cheat the elderly." Yesterday, the employees involved in the company said, the company is known as "Beijing Huaxia International Collection of cultural exchange center" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guo Guo Bo"), the majority of its collectibles sold fake.

yesterday, Beijing police confirmed that a criminal case is being handled, the company involved in the main person in charge has been controlled. The case will be announced to the public.

the night before 9 pm, several witnesses said, more than 60 police cars from Fengtai District, the North Bridge Investment Building, have taken hundreds of people. (newspaper reported yesterday).

police said the company has a major crime suspects

yesterday, Beijing police said, 7 pm, police received clues in the work, Beijing City, Fengtai District, near the bridge of north central investment building, there is a major suspect illegal company.

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Fengtai branch quickly mobilized nearly 300 police, more than 60 police cars, the company involved in the surprise checks. Then blocked the building, hundreds of people took away from the building, while the company involved in the main controller.

it is reported that the police suspect the action with the economic case, it is not sure whether it is a network of fraud or pyramid schemes, the case is more complex, is still under further investigation. The action is the police suddenly encountered in the investigation of another case, then Fengtai police emergency from the police station, police detachment deployed in action.

Beijing police said the case will be announced to the public in the near future.

involved in the company a collection price of 4 million 500 thousand

yesterday afternoon, the reporter visits to companies involved in the building, found the door closed, the house is off. The employees of the company and other building companies said, the company "China Expo", promotional activities in the antiques, paintings, coins, precious metals and other cultural relics.

on the official website of the company, the company mainly engaged in "coins, stamps, jade, celebrity calligraphy and painting" and so on, the price from thousand yuan to 10000 yuan more than before. Which a set of RMB Daquan price 4 million 500 thousand yuan.

, who is not willing to be named, said Guo Bo, the company’s employees, "Guo Guo Bo," the majority of the collection is fake. The company is "sales", designed to cheat the elderly.


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