Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang will not force users to use the system of Tencent

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August 24th, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng case, Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang said, Kang Sheng no profit and the evaluation index of income, not to charge users, will not force you to use the Tencent system to charge, but Kang Sheng original team service paying customers, will ensure that the original pay customer service quality under the premise, to join to serve the individual owners of the business to go.

talked about the case of Tencent and Kang Sheng M & A will be reached, said: Tencent can not do everything, can not do everything. A large number of Tencent, 10 thousand employees, do a lot of business, simply can not do. Webmaster and Tencent in different geographical location, industrial chain division of different causes this division must coexist, Tencent will not enter the webmaster webmaster development territory, no threat to the Tencent, the relationship between the two sides but complement each other. The bridge is connected to the two sides Kang sheng."

also talked about Kang Sheng and Tencent future integration, Dai Zhikang said: "we will be 95% of the energy used in the improvement of Discuz!, 5% of the energy used in the research on integration with QQ, micro-blog, soso, space, electronic commerce, business on the QQ group."

according to reliable sources disclosed that the Tencent of Comsenz acquisition has completed last month, according to people close to the top of the disclosure of Tencent acquisition Comsenz, Comsenz 100% stake in the amount in excess of $60 million.

according to the announcement, Comsenz will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent, the transaction will be completed in the near future. Including Dai Zhikang, Comsenz founder and management team and all staff will continue to remain in the original post.

according to the future plan, Comsenz prepares for the new Discuz! Product testing and release, and started a feasibility study to the QQ account and the account sharing community. (Lin Fenglei)

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