Control their own good to lose once you find it difficult to find

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recently in the media by Qin ah Wang Shi ah, even Jobs have to move out, it seems like tusihubei. Originally lively venture capital circle, the media circle, as if investors overnight disappeared.

I really want to say these things, right or wrong, are to blame. Entrepreneurship is not fully prepared to believe too much of a human rather than a system of the same troops in war, you win (or not win, playing); and another road general defeat was beheaded, wool relationship with you?! we can do is learn a lesson, do not fail. If you want to win it again, or start this line.

well, or talk about. In fact, these things have one thing in common: control.

, at this time, in fact, the control is not in their own hands.

This frame is playing

no matter how busy, "barbarians at the gate" in fact already sat in the house headquarters. But there was no intervention. That is to say, the control is already in the hands of others, but, in the past, others did not use this command.

we look at the other two case: Fu Sheng Zhou Hongyi case, and the defeat of South beauty.

Fu Sheng boss Zhou Hongyi away once indignant, then do the boss, I listened to him, seemed to be on a lot of their time gas arent local expressed understanding. The reason is simple, no matter what you do, this is my company. Don’t say that, even xiemoshalv, tusigoupeng, this is my business, I have the right to control, you can do so. Other people can learn my lesson, better management make a hundred years old, but as long as my shareholders, I would say.

beauty is so, signed an agreement on gambling, of course, to forgive. Was it finally turned off?. Just didn’t win the battle.

so, the problem now is a long time ago because of the. When the majority stake to Telstra hand, when Wang Shi gave up a 40% stake to choose the "name" — one of the best occupation managers when the car home that year, you should know the end, but you can get is unable to control.

Wang Shi and Yu Liang have long worried about the barbarians, the media perspective, rather than the company perspective, so the response is wrong. Subsequent remedies are not worth much. I am very recognized Wang Shi and Mr. Yu Liang Vanke, but this is not the absence of the Wang Shi and the, Vanke is still Vanke?. This is the control of the debate, Wang Shi hand perpendicular and horizontal, too little.

as for Qin, the ultimate controlling shareholder, the expulsion of professional managers do not need to give reasons. Qin Zhilian has no chance of rebellion.

, two entrepreneurs from Jobs learned a lesson, China entrepreneurs have emboldened to copy it.

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