As long as 50 thousand yuan can be placed in the circle of friends of the specific advertising how

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after a month’s invitation to test, WeChat’s own circle of friends advertising from the end of February 23rd from the official opening of the market for all. (the following will show the specific rules for the use of the system)


The opening of

‘s circle of friends is actually in line with a recognized advertising trend: content is advertising, advertising is content. Social products are similar to the original native advertising circle of friends, the original advertising content into a similar friend’s original content in the form of a specific user’s circle of friends feed flow show.

Microsoft Bing advertising group general manager of the project has an analysis of social class advertising, he believes that in the era of digital advertising, through the "local advertising" at the same time satisfy the customers and users is the key for advertising advertising demand. The so-called local advertising, in his view, it is in line with the needs of the site /app and user generated content style advertising.

explained to specific sites, such as Google ads, users see advertising is based on the search, so this kind of advertising is a commercial advertising, and the user’s search results, the satisfaction of both parties; Facebook is also interested in advertising, games, movies and other push users based on Instagram/Imgur; advertising pictures with the ordinary users to send photos, look alike. In accordance with this standard, the best experience is the circle of friends advertising content and the user’s friends to release new content similar.

in fact, WeChat users into the workplace, in itself, a lot of work to join the relationship, it may be their own company advertising publishers, workplace relations advertising readers. Therefore, the circle of friends advertising normalization can meet the needs of the workplace for the company’s information exposure in the circle of friends.

Advertising circle of friends before

has been considered sacred WeChat have a high too high to be reached, the attributes of brand advertisers and service charges. At the same time, the circle of friends for the user in terms of WeChat, can receive some so-called tall on the brand advertising push, there will be some identity recognition, such as high-end, grade, etc.. Therefore, the circle of friends for this type of advertising is not only not objectionable, but will actively participate in the interaction, and can receive the same advertising push similar crowd interaction.

WeChat circle of friends advertising on the line after the launch, there will be more small businesses to join advertising, advertising circle of friends to create a user may not be a sense of superiority. Moreover, with the increase in the number of advertising, frequency, the user will be reduced to a new sense of advertising circle of friends, if there is not enough sophisticated advertising content, it is easy to affect the user experience. I do not know how to deal with the user experience on how to deal with Zhang Xiaolong.

however, regardless of whether the user likes it or not, the circle of friends advertising is to comply with the development trend of social products native advertising.

in the following will be introduced to the WeChat circle of friends of the graphic advertising exposure per thousand costs between 50 yuan -1>

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