Micro-blog orders and micro-blog’s development trend

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in our community, we may now play more is WeChat and QQ, but for micro-blog may all orders for this process and precautions are not well understood, including me, are not the same for each type of advertising and promotion of each type of no..

Now we may

for micro-blog this platform is not very understanding, because now we all feel that micro-blog era has passed, now is the era of WeChat, the fact is that so? The answer is no.. We can still see a lot of our micro-blog promotion effect is good, but we are in these numbers to promote the price is too expensive. A more famous number to promote a price is nearly thirty thousand, but his forwarding volume is relatively good, usually able to reach thousands of forwarding.

so the reason why so many people deny micro-blog this is mainly for the following reasons:

first. Micro-blog brush more serious

now whether for customers or for us, we need is the amount of fans, a lot of customers is to ask the number of fans, how much the quality of this number. Here I want to tell you is that we want to promote the first consideration should be the quality of this number, this micro-blog is mainly to look at his forwarding volume and the amount of reading, this is what we can see directly. Now whether it is micro-blog or WeChat or QQ space has the phenomenon of brush powder. Space is the main brush views, we can find a lot of micro-blog hundreds of millions of fans, but after a few hours before forwarding micro-blog more than and 100, and even many, only dozens of the forward, there is a serious phenomenon of brush powder. But we can also find a lot of fans, even if it is only 60000, but his forwarding can reach one thousand or two thousand, as shown in figure


is obviously an ad, but the amount of forwarding one or two hours or can reach up to more than 1 thousand, this time period is not the peak of reading. The amount of fans is about eight hundred thousand but the price is more than 2 thousand. This compared with our WeChat, still have the advantage. But the exposure may not be good WeChat.

second. Micro-blog user groups in the reduction of

is now micro-blog’s user groups showed a trend of reduction, and now micro-blog has to turn off the light blog, and then is the time before the official micro-blog fans to buy a notice. Before we have a lot of big V and ordinary micro-blog users there is a phenomenon, that is, their fans were inexplicably deleted more than tens of thousands, less than a few hundred. After the removal of the fans, we also received a pink powder micro-blog rose pink powder, fans packed price ranging from tens to thousands, there is a ridiculous discount discount. But a lot of users have said that even if you delete me every day, you let me talk a little more than a dozen dollars to buy fans, I would like to, so that it will only

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