WeChat how to use space for two days rose thousands of fans

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we all know, now we want to promote their fans are difficult, although there are a lot of fans of the promotion, but we are not all for us. What we need is to find a way of doing what we are good at. Before I tell you a month extension of tens of thousands of fans, my speech today is the two day that tens of thousands of fans will, and we may not believe that, indeed I think two days WeChat fans can do this is an unbelievable thing to tens of thousands, but did anyone can do it.

so what do we need to do if we want to grow fast, and what are the channels?

first: own resources

we want to grow quickly, then we all need to have our own resources, so that we can put our own. I think many of us are doing their own time is very distressed, and we are in the early stages of this feeling is normal. But we don’t choose to give up because of this. Under normal circumstances, many of our grassroots from the media are a number of their own platform, so for these people is a very fast powder. Some micro-blog has tens of millions of fans, every day can grow thousands of fans. So how do they operate?

1 space color number

space for us, there are still a lot of people do not pay attention to the people who play less. But his popularity is still wide. The friend who can bring the fans WeChat 1W do in two days, he is four people look on space in the band, each space about views are at around twenty thousand, so that can do two days growth of 1W fans. But many of my friends will ask, I have to do so but what I could do? This is mainly and our words, we in the promotion of the time it is best to get some attractive words, otherwise we expect to reach the promotion effect. There is our time to promote, in general, we find another person, promotion words are generally delete top two hours, so we need is to grasp the time, see more of the time, this is our best time to promote. The reason why people can rise two days tens of thousands of fans, in addition to the promotion of the number more accidents, there is a day to promote content top, this will help us greatly promotion. So how should these words be written?

we need for different groups of people, then the technique is completely different, such as the color of the promotion is to add WeChat * * * every day to push the fun can also be private, you know. Although this looks very simple, but it does have a good effect. So we say that the technique is the need to constantly improve, constantly to change, to see what kind of words for us, then we go with what kind of words.

2 common space

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