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In fact,

has not thought about what what marketing this kind of text, the first few days just happened to see a man or a woman in his own writing, "said the blog marketing really boast without shame is actually to Bo Yang station". He (she) means that the use of the blog to do the chain (search engine optimization of a method, it is not clear to ask the search engine), so as to get the site optimization effect. I can not help but laugh, it is clear that the search engine marketing, how to blog marketing?

what is the real marketing blog? Cite a simple example: you see me in this blog now is about marketing, then you must be interested in these aspects or demand, I have to take you in the post to (introduce our service network station) go, this is a sales website, can be more intuitive to see what we offer on the marketing and network public relations services, if you have the demand, so you are not likely to get in touch with us? This is the most direct marketing blog, the resulting traffic conversion rate is very high. For example, the first time I wrote an article called "how to use modern network public relations", this article has been fortunate to be pushed to the blog home page, reading is also larger. But there are not too many ads in the blog, leaving only a website link. Through the monitoring (51la can provide such monitoring) found that through the blog came to the site of the crowd, more than 50% of the initiative to get in touch with us, consultation and discussion related matters.

of course, for sale website this way every time. But if for other types of sites such as the need for a lot of traffic (we call it a "traffic site"), it may be of little significance. The flow of the site needs a lot of traffic, and this traffic is a two blog can not bring. So for the flow type website, blog marketing really meaning is not big. It can even be said that the blog for them in addition to optimize the site, the meaning is not too big. Not as good as micro-blog marketing results. Of course, except for new sites. Again, this is "of course" if any flow statements of a school, because the blog website brought a lot of traffic, I have come to ask.

as for how to blog marketing, here for a while. Back to write a blog post.


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