Talk about the significance of Baidu news included in the promotion of soft

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Baidu news search engine you may not be familiar with, I like to watch the news, usually do not go to the portal news channel, is the first general concern is what Baidu Billboard Hot events recently, and then go directly to the Baidu news search. Or a specific day will be concerned about the news of some people or companies.

today is mainly to talk about the meaning of soft Baidu news included, that is, in the Baidu news search, you can see the article written by the company or the company’s soft. Want to be included in Baidu news, is published in the previous article to Baidu news seed station, first let me explain what is the Baidu news, Baidu is more significance and the news included how to have the opportunity to be included in Baidu news.

A: what is Baidu news seed station

Baidu news seed station, is a statement in the industry, Baidu encyclopedia can not find the relevant explanation. Baidu news can search the site, and Baidu web search site is very different. Baidu web search is a lot of spiders crawl. The Baidu news seed station, is completely artificial intervention, must reach the standard Baidu news seed station, Baidu news search spiders will crawl. And Baidu news search web crawling frequency will be very high, a number of news seed station of the new article, 5 seconds will be included in Baidu news. High frequency of grab, which is also a guarantee of the timeliness of the news.

two: the meaning of Baidu news included

I used to want to open a column in DONEWS, the biggest reason is not that the article has the opportunity to push on the DONEWS home page was seen by many DONEWS readers. But the value of DONEWS column is Baidu news seed, because in the DONEWS column of the article, will soon be included in Baidu news.

1: easy access to traffic

Baidu news is the default sort by time, that is, whether it is a big new site or a small new site. As long as your article is the latest will be in front of. For example when I DONEWS column in the article "Baidu Post Bar popular TOP66" because the article contains 66 popular keywords Baidu Post Bar, in a certain period of time, the 66 search keywords in Baidu news, I can see the article on the first page. Every day the search for these words is very much of the user, then the article less than a day’s time to achieve more than 1W.

was also included in the Baidu news articles, the weight of the search in the Baidu page is also relatively high, but also included fast, it is easy to grab a good ranking in the web search. For example, I used to post an article in the DONEWS column title has Youku 2 words. Results on the same day, Baidu web search Youku this article also appeared in the first page of Baidu.

2: users more targeted

will use Baidu news search users, relatively more high-end users, and

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