Making use of the brand to do network distribution

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the development of electronic commerce is staggering, but also led to the rise of B2C and B2B, there is no doubt that the online distribution will become a new trend in the development of the electricity supplier. At the same time, with the combination of many online and offline sales model, competition between the electricity supplier also contains a thick smell of gunpowder. So we have to talk about the use of the brand to do network distribution trends.

a few simple examples, pure business class, like the starry, America and shark etc. developed many of the downstream agents with brand advantage; bag net, beauty mall network platform is the use of high-quality products with numerous distributors. These successful brand cases, without exception, because they understand the network environment, fully grasp the opportunities and network resources before the development and growth.

1, with the advantages of brand and platform

from the line down, McDonald’s, Starbucks and many other well-known brands by virtue of its powerful brand influence and good reputation, attracting users from all over the world, who joined the flock. Similarly, in order to get a large number of distributors and franchisees, but also to the advantage of the brand. Mentioned above are Korean homes, the United States excellent shark, because the network has a certain degree of visibility and reputation, will be sought after by everyone. So we should first help the brand and online distribution system platform, to form a good reputation, in order to make numerous distributors of trust, they can become a solid backing, to make them loyal to follow you.

2, branding and platform promotion

brand and platform to build a good foundation, the most important thing is to promote, to do a good job to have a lot of traffic and user sources. The premise is that the promotion of small and medium enterprises electricity supplier website has been optimized for their own SEO, the rest is to promote the.

single promotion on the network, it is divided into two ways to promote free promotion and pay. Free promotion: micro-blog, SNS, community forum, soft, quiz platform, e-mail, QQ group, the effect is different in different industries of It differs from man to man., the final results are not the same; pay promotion mode: PPC, hard wide, Witkey, part-time recruitment etc.. Of course, many smart businesses are looking for cooperation mode, people more power, alliance cooperation can not only save marketing costs and time saving, electricity between the interdependence and common progress ideas worth learning.

3, get rid of the shackles of traditional operations

a lot of traditional enterprises, under the brand has a very good performance and business minded, critical moment to enter the electricity supplier is also a wise move, the development of network distribution channels is also the expansion of the law. Online distribution, franchise, agency, to carry out a full range of network layout, expand sales channels in a short time, increase sales volume, but also can get rid of the traditional business, whether it is money, manpower, or inventory management, can be integrated through the unique advantages of the network and use, saving a lot of energy, reduce the.

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