China’s top ten free movies

by admin

  every day there are a lot of friends asked me, where there is a free movie to see, today I sort out a few more stable site release everyone, I hope to be able to collect

                first place: extreme video (

may be the originator of China free movie website. Although the domain name is a bit difficult to remember, he is very good service in many free movie website is quite a reputation, you can see here the fastest and most recent free movies. However, often need to grab the line, there are restrictions on the number of online.        

second bit: true free film (        

this site is one of the bright younger generation good, do not need to register to watch movies. Inventory of the film increased rapidly, update quickly (basically every day to update more than 10), you can see the latest free movies. Adsense also took the lead in the use of online movies to watch the client P2P software, the interface is very refreshing.

third: Express film (        

XK88 movie search engine, a good movie search site, and some do not need to download online play, inventory.        

fourth: Entertainment Ruyi (        

Unicom video, you need to configure relatively high, otherwise you can not play, but also need to register to watch.        

fifth:   (;      

Guangzhou telecom integrated entertainment website. Provide free movies for a long time, the speed is good, but need to register, but also to grab the line to watch. Registration can also get a good video mailbox!

sixth bit: POCO film (        

Poco free movie, is a free movie exchange site. The website provides free movie downloads, and can download movies on other people’s computers via P2P, but first of all

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