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the past few months, a book called "secret garden" coloring book became popular in the world, not only the long-term occupation of the Amazon best-selling list first, like "the guardian", "New York Times", "USA Today" and other world-class newspaper are also designed for the "secret garden" said, now in this unit the popular tide is sweeping across asia. Everyone to share his coloring results, in the social network of the major media have followed suit, taking a lot of stock selling electricity supplier micro bookstore…… You may wonder whether this coloring book what kind of magic can make such a big wave? If we can study "popular secret garden", whether to make their products as "secret garden" as popular sellers


many people put the "secret garden" is attributed to a popular spread in the theory of use and satisfaction, which is the so-called "social vanity". They think that people buy "secret garden" is only for colour when they finish in the circle of friends, get everyone’s praise. It would be too simple to attribute the popularity of "secret garden" to a little bit of social satisfaction. Now the era of all kinds of new things emerge one after another, we can get a circle of friends every day to show off too many things, what on the "secret garden" pop up?


generally speaking, there are three conditions for the manufacture of popular: character factors, adhesion factors and environmental factors. Among them, the most important factor. "Secret garden" is the first initiative to spread the behavior of the people, the product itself also has certain characteristics, coupled with the mobile Internet, micro-blog, WeChat, such as the rapid spread of the environment, thus forming a popular tide.

first talk about the characters. All epidemics start with one or more people, and then cross infection, and then spread rapidly, the outbreak of social epidemics is the same. At the beginning of the media also pay no attention to the dissemination of information, so people are relying on word of mouth, "secret garden" slowly began to pop up.

in the popular manufacturing, very few people have done most of the work. These few people are not ordinary people, they have great influence. The popularity of any society is driven by a handful of people, who are good at social, influential, and influential in people. In these special characters, some people are aware of the direction of fashion, through their own social, their vitality, enthusiasm and charisma to the secret garden to everyone. These are the key role of a small group of businessmen, stars, experts.

we can find that the "secret garden" began to be popular in the country, it is the micro merchants who sell the mask was suppressed, began to frantically looking for other alternatives when. Due to the "secret garden" high profits, interesting, with topics and other characteristics, so it has become one of the alternatives to micro business mask.

making friends is a skill

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