Network marketing do not rush harvest

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, will experience the baptism of wind and rain, someone had mentioned in the article of word-of-mouth marketing also follow More haste, less speed. reason, management needs to slow heat, can not act with undue haste, blind work based on word-of-mouth marketing not ready, the result can only be either no effect or counterproductive to remember the slow fire in order to create a boutique! JUE giant marketing experts called "word-of-mouth marketing slow heat need careful management!".

network marketing is through the network platform to form a word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is the first word of mouth spread by relatives and friends, and later with the development of Internet media, word-of-mouth marketing for up to the internet word-of-mouth marketing, its success lies in a small broad strategy, the effect is far better than the rigid other advertising! Network marketing for its low cost, remarkable characteristics for many enterprises it like a scarlett.

, the strength of others spread themselves before traditional advertising, to solicit the views of everyone, because the third can stand in the perspective of the user needs to consider its feasibility, your things are consumers, can achieve the purpose of marketing. Don’t love, there may be problems of the product itself, or you are in the wrong way, then we must repent, must be reformed! Features of word-of-mouth marketing is big to small, the operation should be good at using a variety of powerful potential for its own use. With the help of natural laws, policies and regulations, emergencies, and even with the potential energy of a strong competitor.

cited an example of word of mouth marketing in the United States, a small record company for violating the copyright of an industry giant, was accused. While this record company found, and industry giants linked to their profitable, so the industry leading enterprises and go to court and trumpeted, although two times lost, but still insist on appeal, the final is still failed, but the ant and the elephant duel has attracted many people’s attention, make a unknown small record company has become the well-known companies, this is a typical use of other powerful forces to make their own being concerned case.

highland apple to taste sweet, crisp taste the nation is famous, but the local weather, often hail, hit the apple recognition, so apple sells cheaper price is also very difficult to sell, the local businessmen came up with an idea, foreign trumpeted: "authentic highland apples are played with hail the scar is not authentic, not high apple". As a result, the scarred high Apple began selling, or even someone to impersonate apple and apple in the Highlands deliberately carved scars. And this is a typical case of the use of natural potential energy, the advantages of the negative.

two, the use of hot topics, and related: people pay attention to and talk about the most is their own interests related to a variety of problems, or the recent important news events, and these events to let oneself "

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