Wangzhuan forum is how to do P to 30 thousand

by admin

many owners want their station IP high up, my forum is the webmaster BIN, I have two station, one is Southern China forum, the other is a Wangzhuan forum.

said a conservative figure, spent 1 weeks time, basically can be sent to the municipal forum portal, the flow of the day will be more than 30 thousand IP, and very stable upgrade. This is some of the traditional methods we talked about, take out today to tell you, that is a little truth, don’t think small projects is small, because small, so the master didn’t to do, we do have a market you can search the forum, if you think I was lying if you test a week, think not, you can open to scold, if you are a person of patience.

we search keywords, see which stand in the front row, we search some popular keywords, find the portal and forum posts, many are in the first row, so we went to find a way to link in Riga forum posts, this way you can bring us back to the link up to second days will make links indexed by the search engines, because the search engine is automatically crawl along the link type included, so long as it is on the link, then immediately be included.

but the administrator is not allow us to do in the above link, once a link, and immediately delete, because the link with ordinary font is not a color, and may also take the passage.

blog log, the forum has more advantages, because these forums, can immediately be included in search engines, because of their high PR value, ranking them stand on the post in the search engine is also high, so we will reply to some post or send some posts when the do link punctuation, because punctuation is very small, even adding links, but also look not to come out, so this way to make links, also reasonable to avoid administrator review, because these are the links of high quality, so the website not only soon be included but, in the search engine keyword rankings, there’s an advantage.

network propaganda appears to be very much, but as time goes on, there are many methods have now is not suitable for the network, such as the past is the most important means of e-mail, but as more and more preventive approach has been difficult to make propaganda. Now that is commonly used search engine ads, pop-up ads, advertising network Banner. With Baidu’s crazy to start selling, many people are tempted to try Baidu keyword advertising, but most people will know in a few months in addition to the money to buy some IP click, the customer is unable to buy. With the click of a web site out of the side, more and more people to sniff at search engine advertising is. The pop-up advertising is to buy more traffic, at the beginning of most users are too busy to turn off the

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