Analysis of the apparel industry network promotion case good method from here

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recently implemented "Internet plus workers" in Xingren Industrial Park clothing Town, the workers into the micro business". In the specified business platform, garment factory workers through mobile phone mobile Internet business focus on the WeChat platform, then, according to their abilities and preferences to agent products WeChat is forwarded to the circle of friends, as long as the transaction, so workers can get commission. This is a form of derivative, and comparing to the traditional electronic commerce, apparel industry practitioners directly sell their production of clothes, the clothes are very familiar with the production process, more convincing, but from the garment industry sales, intermediate save promotional costs, effectively avoiding the burn electricity supplier promotion.


mobile Internet in the network to promote more and more important, and the "Internet plus workers" corresponds to a APP application process of "fashion" on the line, it is reported that supplies a monopoly of fashion the APP application to build a set of sails interactive mobile phone client information, product, market, short channel booking functions of 2D in one of the promotion code.

these two cases are the promotion of clothing industry network promotion more representative of the method. The clothing industry is not a short duration of time wading Internet of things, we must first make clear what is network promotion. Generally speaking, the promotion of the network is the product as the core, the establishment of the site, and then the site through a variety of channels to show to the Internet users, so that users know and reach a certain amount of trading volume promotion. The traditional way to promote Baidu, Google, Sogou search, search engine promotion, as well as new channels, such as WeChat blog promotion, need to grasp the two center network promotion, is a good user experience, good reputation, is two it is very important to choose suitable methods and channels.

garment industry network promotion, because with Internet plus fuel, many clothing brands feel the network brings new sales channels, branding, word spread application value is more and more high, of course, in the traditional network promotion way, such as SEO, QQ promotion, mail promotion, because the present flood the trend, if not long-term investment, it is difficult to see the effect, some relatively new way of network promotion, especially in the mobile terminal micro business, get a lot of industry recognition, however, whether traditional or new ways of online promotion network promotion, for the apparel industry, with its own brand, not only not a single promotion, not all are applied to network promotion, according to the strength of two or two More than the way to promote the combination, so as to have effect.

"to learn the Internet thinking, not easy to open a shop, but to design, production, research and development, sales of the entire link must be changed!" the garment enterprises in Hubei official said: "in the past, the apparel industry style design, how is the enterprise production led the market, and access to the Internet, in order to suit the user demand for personalized, differentiated demand, clothing enterprises to go along with the information.

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