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After 80 beautiful graduate students for love Taobao shop Entrepreneurship

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New Taobao

in 2006, I signed up for Taobao. It's a chance, I came into contact with Taobao, from the beginning of the ignorance to the skilled operation, I became a part-time seller from the buyer, and all this only from the interest, and at that time, I did not think, three years later, this interest has become a today the main industry, but the only change is that interest.

is a quiet road, lush vegetation, in the garden like campus, four bedroom, completely let Peking Tsinghua students envy, learning, leaning against the pillow, open the computer, the school's BBS forum became everyone's love of the local, national affairs, campus news, personal emotional talk and share learning experience, have your thoughts can be settled here, and the most popular forum is the flea market.

my Taobao career started from the flea market. The so-called flea market, refers to the trading of second-hand goods at a low price range between students, take others without it. Since the opening section, widely welcomed by students, that envelope Vientiane, transfer books, clothes, shoes, bags, pens, cable, water etc.. Gradually, some students have opportunities, find some brands of cosmetics, which began a flea market new commodity trading, but the road is bumpy road, from the beginning of the limitation to the later school support, after a year of time, I have become the first batch of admission in the flea market the students' business, the main commodity is not the most popular the highest volume of cosmetics, but women's cosmetics do, because too many people, but few women involved, remember that time, up at 5 in the morning to do the first version of the bus to go to the wholesale market, select some beautiful clothes, small the shoulder, often strangled out of a deep blood, and I have been optimistic, not tired, dragging a heavy parcel, returned to the bedroom to the first thing is to find my good friend beat me quietly The 2 girls take pictures on the beautiful campus, or in the morning or in the afternoon. Meet other people stop to watch, will also slightly blush. Because we have a good photo shoot, while the price and quality of clothes is also very good, good sales. The students are the first optimistic picture, if interested can contact me, and then I try to the bedroom, in order to facilitate fitting, I am in the bedroom door, with a large mirror, basically 90% students will buy a good business. Since the clothes in the school market, I would put my clothes on, for the opening of new stores, each transaction is difficult, it was just my part-time job, while there is a certain market in school, goods can have liquidity, so there is no great pressure, through its own efforts the business gradually began to feel better.

original and love about


that year, fourth is about to graduate, you go to work in Shenzhen, and I continue to go to graduate school at. I never believed in love at first sight, never met, and so did he

Electricity supplier 618 riding World Cup red in lieu of cash price war weakened

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Beijing, June, 18 (IT channel Zhang Sinan) is the birthday of Jingdong in June 18th, the annual electricity supplier war officially kicked off 618. Unlike in the past, Jingdong 618 promotional Festival this year coincides with the world cup in Brazil. With the help of football in the East, the electricity supplier who carry out marketing to increase the wildly beating gongs and drums, 618 Jingdong Monday, trying to create a world cup. Experts said that the occasion of the world cup like a raging fire, while electricity supplier to traditional marketing methods, the price war, but the trend has weakened. Suning, Tmall or become the main sniper Jingdong, consumers should be rational treatment of frequent promotions electricity supplier. In addition, the experts also called for the establishment of public interest in the third party monitoring platform, the exposure of online shopping and then cut the price and other unreasonable phenomenon and the integrity of the shop, to help consumers harmonious shopping.

618: Jingdong's birthday hall electricity supplier World Cup

Jingdong in June of each year is the anniversary month, had been "play" with the Jingdong, to expand its influence, more and more business with to participate in the June sales war, a Jingdong's birthday hall into the main battlefield of power pack melee. This year coincides with the world cup, Gome, Suning and other electricity providers who not only borrow Dongfeng football snatch user, the promotion will become the Jingdong anniversary month electricity supplier in the world cup.

it is understood that this anniversary, the Jingdong launched the "618 shopping big lie full cash back activities. In order to meet once every four years the World Cup football feast, the Jingdong has launched the ball will be, football quiz activities. In addition to the direct introduction of Suning and international football club Barcelona youth football support programs, but also from the beginning of June 16th, open the world cup into service mode. In the knockout stages of the world cup, launched in parts of the city at night to send food and beverage service, the user can stay up to watch the ball will be able to enjoy the necessary and timely food.


Tmall launched the world wave swept yard activities, 30 linkage million online and offline businesses, but also allows users to enjoy during the world cup, drink shopping service. Shop No. 1 hit in its official on mobile phone digital home appliances to ensure 50 lower than the Jingdong's slogan, the United States proposed online watch a East, naked price straight down in the end, the electricity supplier fiery melee.

The director of the

Chinese Association of e-commerce network marketing center single Jen accept Beijing IT channel interview, said: "Taobao Tmall platform compared to the larger amount of Jingdong, plus the United States tourism products on the platform, to attract a lot of attention. Although the United States to invest 3 billion 200 million against Jingdong, but still less than a threat to it." China Mobile Internet industry alliance Secretary General Li Yi also said: from the volume is concerned, Taobao Tmall Suning will become the main force sniper Jingdong. And Suning cooperation with the team, the opening of the team's fans interactive channel, as well as providing night delivery services can become an advantage against Jingdong."

electricity supplier price war trend weakened user experience

has been, the price war is the electricity supplier

Electricity supplier so fire, can use it to develop the rural economy

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in the past few decades, the development of China's cities is to achieve the plunder of rural land and resources, while providing dividends for urban development, but also led to the development of rural areas blocked. After entering the era of the Internet, the birth of the city's electricity supplier model can also provide some dividends for rural development?


it is well known that the development of Chinese cities in the past few decades has been achieved by plundering rural land and resources. In contrast with the prosperity of the city business, a large number of rural labor loss, rural land into a piece of waste. Into the Internet era, a new round of business trends, the electricity supplier has become the focus of business models and the realization of the internet. However, what is at the expense of the interests of the rural development of the city, its hot electricity supplier model dividends can also benefit the countryside?

rural electricity supplier, selling what?

Although the

Ali Institute released the "e-commerce development of micro County report" from 2003, 10000 network scale, spanning to one hundred thousand, and in 2013 the Megascale, county (roughly covering three to six line city) the number of network operators showing growth spurt, while in the country, but also the emergence of a lot of the "Taobao" and "Taobao county", but these cases have its particularity.

The release of

in Ali institute more detailed "2013 China County e-commerce development index report" given "e-commerce hundred counties", the development of electronic commerce, almost all reflect the unique advantages of the local characteristics of industrial clusters. For example, Yiwu small commodity, Qinghe cashmere, Changshu clothing, Jinjiang shoes etc.. Hundred counties have the basis of industrial clusters, there is no industrial clusters of counties and how to get an electric shock?

at present, the characteristics of agricultural products is not a natural advantage of the industrial cluster of rural economy is not much electricity supplier entry point. The perishable perishable fresh agricultural products, cold chain logistics and quality management to the investment is very high, complex operation, and almost 90% of the fresh electricity providers are at a loss, the rural economy into operation electricity supplier, the threshold is too high. And there are successful cases to follow the category is mainly concentrated in the nuts, some can be stored for a long time, such as fruit storage, logistics convenience of agricultural products.

actually, China in this piece of vast territory and abundant resources on the land, many cities have their own characteristics of agricultural and sideline products. My home in the middle of a prefecture level city, the industry is not developed, the service industry is also very backward. But produced stewed tofu, taste mellow, snack table are affordable, very welcomed by the local people. In addition, the winter season, the countryside every family essential (by Baoqing pellet pig, pork, tofu, minced orange peel and rub it into the group, pine sawdust and smoked), after completion of production can store a year or so, not only have the unique wax products of wood flavor, and red color, texture Q bomb, not fat not greasy, and light orange and sweet smell of pine, should belong to the local characteristics in the field, I have never seen.

Amazon sued fake sellers Taking the first step down the Christmas shopping season

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technology - Beijing morning news on November 15th, allegedly to Amazon through its online marketplace sales of fake businesses filed two lawsuits, the first step down the Christmas shopping season before.

one of the case is California ToysNet in Hacienda Heights, Florida Blanton, Disk Vision, and Forearm Forklifts that Amazon selling fake individual sellers, this is a huge bag for carrying heavy objects. Amazon said that the company had been removed in June this year, counterfeit goods, and said Disk Vision tried to force Amazon to restore the product through false invoices.

another lawsuit aimed at a number of individuals accused of selling fake TRX suspension training belt. The two cases were handed over to the court in Seattle on Monday.

Apple sued an Amazon seller last week, accusing the company of selling fake Apple products on Amazon's Web site, some of which have security risks.

continues to grow with the size of the Amazon, the company has been taking measures to improve reliability and credibility. Last year, the company sued more than 1000 people suspected of publishing false product reviews on the site, threatening the reputation of businesses. Amazon last month also banned the so-called reward Reviews - consumers can get free products or product discounts by writing product reviews.


users believe that, when they pass the Amazon shopping, whether it is purchased directly from Amazon, or Amazon to buy millions of third party merchants will receive genuine manufacturers genuine." Monday's indictment wrote, when the user to buy a fake, it will reduce the trust of users, sellers and manufacturers of the Amazon, which tarnished the Amazon brand, reputation irreparable damage." (Si Yuan)

After the merger of the opponent, the United States under the online card how to play

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rival shares each other, we are staring at Tmall's old rival Jingdong mall, but ignored the old rival Suning Gome online.

for the United States online, the history of the brand more loudly, more stores, more assets, like a sleeping lion. The lion is a lion, once wake up from sleep, or a ferocious lion. Today, the United States online action again and again. Is the August men's day, but also the rabbit girl to send gold, which is to play what brand?

1, from the start of entertainment marketing, improve the United States online volume

is forgotten by the user, it means that the decline of the brand and the retail market was eroded. So the traditional retailers are in the manufacturing market volume of spare no effort.

the United States online first card was launched "83 Man" and "the 815 strongest appliance of war" and "818 men screaming through the festival", "straight down + lottery marketing, to attract male compatriots become chop hand family. Different from female consumers, men are more concerned about digital 3C products, less affected by advertising, more sensitive to the price, the event talked about.

August men's day just hit this two points: to attract users attention by price, price cuts and benefits in men during the festival through Haier, Samsung and other home appliances, mobile phone manufacturers, and bunny creative ways to attract attention, with real gold and other marketing events for you to send a deeper impression, so as to facilitate the transaction.



: sweepstakes to send gold bars


figure: creative marketing Bunny attract eyeball

so, men's day in August can only be called men's day, rather than what electricity supplier festival. August men's Day is the essence of entertainment marketing. The so-called entertainment marketing, that is, in the enterprise's daily marketing behavior, to join the appropriate entertainment (such as the rabbit girl), interactive factors (such as gold lottery), allowing users in a certain scenario, experiential consumption. This will also be one of the mainstream marketing methods in the future retail industry.

2, male users of "leading", an 3C product of

men's day in August, which means that the United States and the United States as the mainstream user online consumer groups, Gome online why do this?

from the Southern Metropolis Daily Online with Gome released "2015 semi annual Chinese male consumer data report" shows that male users of 3C products is the home appliance mainstream consumer groups, and the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen male users of home appliance user consumption is strong.



: Chinese men's consumption data report

in the perception of the brand of male consumers, the United States online is undoubtedly an advantage. The report of the United States online January 1, 2015 to June 30th period of time consumption of large data, the report >

Balance treasure questioned whether to stay or leave the confusion

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balance treasure from the time when it was destined to become the focus of the current financial industry events, but from the beginning of the industry has not been seen in the beginning of how much change. Because of the financial circles, the balance of treasure there is only to realize the grass root style value-added plans to use the payment system on the Internet, reducing the financial threshold, simplify the procedures, but not to less than a year, has been suction gold 400 billion, if no restrictions the size of the balance of treasure, even trillions of standards, which is obviously not predictable for the impact of the financial system.

is such a concern, CCTV commentator was put forward, the balance of treasure has become the financial industry's great scourges must cut the Gordian knot, shut down the balance of treasure operating mode, so that the return to the comfortable day traditional banking and traditional banking at least comfortable, the possibility of the occurrence of financial crisis will be smaller. But this view has been a lot of circles proved not to be reliable, here do not need to repeat.

balance treasure payment Empire

financial balance treasure from the outset positioning in the grass root group, of course, did not expect to have such a huge attraction, to know that many banks and fund launched financial products seven years yield, ten year yield and the balance of treasure now about how much profit, because they are based from the IMF, the treasury investment benefit. So Alipay chose the balance of treasure in this form, more is to expand the new pay people, enhance their own advantages in the field of payment by finance in this way.

but for Alipay, this is obviously the achievements of his gander, because more and more speculators, and even spend millions of dollars through the balance of treasure investment, even some investors can invest trust funds have also chosen the balance of treasure, this really surprised many in the industry, but attracts their attention obviously there is only one reason, it is flexible and convenient procedures, excellent level of service in Alipay created a balance of treasure today, rather than how the balance of treasure attraction, because from the annualized rate of return, at least some trust, than any investment bank financial products, but the balance of treasure can get success in financial services, only this one reason.

is the key to change the traditional financial industry

Why is

in the domestic financial industry has been operating for many years in the growth of the balance of treasure will feel fear? This situation let us see a child growing up in the greenhouse can not adapt to the society and be eliminated, more let us see a wild animal in human captivity, reintroduced into the forest after the the road of death. If and when we finally opened the prelude of financial reform, the greenhouse environment suffered little damage, grew up in a greenhouse in the traditional financial circle will feel fear, this fear comes from the fear of competitors, but from the volume and policy support to.

Business + content marketing enable product effect one Beijing plan edge early results

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if the "Beijing Teng plan" as a social and electricity supplier a "great work", open a new pattern of cross-border electricity supplier doors for Jingdong, then in September this year, the new model of Jingdong and "giant" of today's headlines together to create "content +" - "Beijing a plan", it means that Jingdong on the road of the cross has taken a more solid step. Now, after two months of strategic cooperation continues to advance, "Beijing plan" tentative results, Lenovo, vivo, FOTILE mobile phone bear appliances, such as a large number of advertisers in cooperation with the "plan" in Beijing have achieved good results, a series of cases have become a "wonderful delivery plan" big Beijing the marketing value of the best endorsement.

wireless Jingdong - Beijing plans to build electricity supplier marketing tool

"Jingdong wireless communication" Beijing Tokyo zhuntong marketing plan based on the platform of "Beijing" effort to build electricity supplier marketing "weapon" products. It is today's headlines APP media resources butt each other, by way of real-time bidding to promote the content of the exposure show.

future, Jingdong wireless will be docking other high-quality media resources to achieve more accurate advertising information flow.

Jingdong sitting on nearly 200 million years of active users, their buying habits, advertising preferences, behavior trajectory and other large electricity providers of rich data timely, and easy to use and docking. Today's headlines are more than 140 million months of live users and a single user of the average daily use of 76 minutes accumulated user demographic attributes, living environment, personal interest and other large data content. "Jingdong wireless links" zhuntong DMP platform by Beijing, will own electricity supplier attribute with today's headlines in attribute comprehensive docking, a deep insight into the implementation of "Thousand Faces", will promote the information directly reach the core users and potential users.

in addition, "Jingdong wireless links" native stream ads include text, pictures, video and other forms to show the rich, naturally appears in the main path of the user to browse the contents, attract attention more effectively. After the user is interested in clicking, you can not wake up Jingdong app, in today's headlines directly under the single purchase. Put the CPC billing more scientific (click billing), promotional content display free, the user clicks to chargeback, combined with a variety of methods to identify invalid click "prevent malicious click" technology, filtering invalid clicks, click on the data of real effective guarantee.

Lenovo Lenovo notebook - fine farming crowd let ROI break the horizon

in November this year, Lenovo Lenovo started the promotion of Air13Pro ultra-thin notebook, a full hundred thousand less, December free promotional activities of Jingdong. After defining the promotion interests and activities, according to the characteristics of the product, "the Jingdong wireless links" by Jingdong DMP to pinpoint the young college student users, pay attention to the product, the user has purchased dynamic competing products such as the eight users in the target population, stimulate the maintenance of core users at the same time to the user and pull new users. In addition, Jingdong wireless access >

Cross border electricity supplier step into the Red Sea supply chain into the line of life and death

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April 8th, on Friday, the limelight is full of cross-border electricity supplier platform ushered in a turning point. Was among the first tier cross-border electronic business platform, honey Amoy online, the past to attract consumers berserk "black Friday" disappeared, the entire site in a semi paralyzed state.

at the same time, in order to deal with cross-border electricity supplier import tax regime landing, the global purchase of cloud monkeys, Huarun E, NetEase koala and other platforms, without exception, the introduction of package tax promotions, hot pull powder.

on the previous day, April 7th, the Ministry of Finance and other 11 departments announced the "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", in the future only on the list of goods in accordance with the new tax system of cross-border retail electricity supplier to import import list of commodities still perform general trade tax policy or post tax policy.

at this point, the cross-border electricity supplier import industry officially out of the pilot stage of the industry, unified import trade into a unified supervision.

if honey Amoy really closed down, with the cross-border electricity supplier tax is not directly related to the new deal, but it is clear that under the new rules and circumstances of the market, honey Amoy business model can not survive." Investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong analysts believe that the future, there will be more platforms eliminated."

fell on the eve of the new deal

open the honey Amoy in the front page, the two directory "Korean film industry cosmetic brand" column, never click to enter the product page, the same, the other two level directory pages are in a state of paralysis.

at the same time, honey Amoy website had a "dress shoe bag", "health food", "mother and children", "star burst models" and "cosmetic", "digital merchandise", "free shop" seven sub channels disappeared.

twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter contacted honey Amoy employees learned, started in October last year, honey Amoy continued layoffs, until in the year before, dozens of employees dismissed the last remaining honey Amoy, all subsidies 1 months salary.

began this year, honey Amoy official WeChat and micro-blog did not update, honey Amoy warehouse in Zhengzhou a large part of the bonded area has been handed over to another cross-border electricity supplier Need.

In addition,

, a supplier of honey Amoy to the twenty-first Century economic report revealed that the supplier in the last black Friday in 2015, it will stop the supply of honey amoy.

signs, this was already cheap sale platform for cross-border electricity supplier's difficult to continue to exit the market become fashionable for a time.

but did not have a positive response to the Amoy Amoy reporter interviewed the mail, nor to the public to release any statement. Honey Amoy founder Xie Wenbin was born in Alibaba, was responsible for Tmall's wireless products. In October 2013 the independent start-up basket technology, and get a 1 million yuan investment in Fujian villagers Cai Wensheng, under the banner of the honey Amoy network launched on March 2014.

July 2014, honey Amoy network was $A> million latitude and longitude venture

Demon shares shares fell below $200 will be affected by Ali PO

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[Abstract] shares recently fell again and again, from $229 to $196.63 today.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 30th

was the way the stock price soaring electricity supplier website recently frequently encountered the decline, the stock price way down, since released second quarter earnings, $229 from the highest price fell to $196.63 today.

yesterday's opening price of $210.55, $211.60, $193.68, eventually shares fell $12.33, down to 5.9%, which is's stock price rose to $200 for the first time since below this price.

in August 14th this year, released the second quarter of 2014 earnings. Reported that's second quarter net revenues of $829 million 400 thousand, representing an increase of 136.1% over the same period last year, attributable to net profit of $26 million 400 thousand, an increase of 192.1% over the same period last year.

earnings report also hide some problems, such as the second quarter operating profit of $23 million 700 thousand, down 21.5% compared with the previous quarter, its net profit also decreased 1% from last quarter, shares fell on the same day led directly.

Since then,'s stock price volatility, continued to decline

. The 2012 listing in early, had fallen below the issue price of $6.5. Since then, shares rose all the way, in one fell swoop became the first high priced stocks listed in the u.s..

while shares rose sharply, banks still have good, which, given Citi's target price of $248.9, the bank gives the target price is $243, Paget is the price target raised from $224 to $260.

earlier, CFO Yang Donghao also to the media to clarify the monster said that many people have been on, just listed is listed bloodshed, half a year after shares rose many times, said is a monster.

Yang Donghao pointed out that's share price has gone up so much, the advantages and core competitiveness is the first selection of the brand, followed by to solve the user pain points. It's easier for to find what they like and want than any other site.

is now expected to change's share price, the stock market fell 5.9% yesterday, another recent plunge. Not only is, the recent 360, Le funny, poly America, the car's home, the city's original stock, such as the pursuit of the recent 58 in a sharp pullback.

this is due to the Fed rate hike rumors is approaching, on the other hand is a Alibaba listed date is approaching, the recent news that the Alibaba will be listed in September 8th, the highest possible financing of $20 billion, a record this year, the financing.

The ten group purchase 4 months the performance of different classification A new force suddenly ris

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buy site report card since October began to widen the gap. According to the independent group purchase navigation site 800 nearly 4 months of data show that sales of group purchase in the top ten always maintain the momentum of growth only meituan (micro-blog) and tick group two, and cosmetics group purchase website contrarian by tens of millions of financing. To this end, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network (micro-blog) said that in the winter of the comprehensive group buying site still need to adhere to the two quarter of next year, during which the gap will further widen.

group, tick trend stable

data show that this year, 7-10 ranked the top ten buy site market was $1 billion 17 million, $1 billion 248 million, $1 billion 209 million and $1 billion 172 million. Overall slight fluctuations in the market size of 4 months increased by 18.9%.

According to

statistics, sales of the top ten group purchase website achieve this increase in the average level of only 4 companies, namely Wo Wo Group, the U.S. group net, tick group and glutinous rice network (micro-blog), the U.S. group net in the 4 months of sales growth of 59.3% to 56.9%, tick group ranked second. At the same time, the two months during this month to maintain sales growth rate above 10%.

did not reach the average value in the other 6 websites, handle network (micro-blog), full network (micro-blog) and F group experienced negative growth in average 15.2%. It is worth noting that the data show that the current sales of the top ten sales growth gap has widened to 81.4 percentage points. In this regard, e-commerce experts, leisurely network CEO Li Daishan said do not feel surprised, and said that the future will exacerbate the gap. However, some buy site also told reporters that due to the presence of data moisture sites, and can not truly reflect the real situation of the industry and the development of each.

buy back local service

data show that in October a total of 6 group purchase website local conversion rate in more than 90%, including the U.S. mission network, 24 tickets, 58 group, public comment and glutinous rice network, the highest local service conversion rate was 99.39%, while in July only 58 of group and group public comment local service product sales accounted for over 90%.

reporter found that in the 10 group purchase website 4 months total performance, local service conversion rate remained above 90% for 58 group and group public comment, therefore, insiders said, the two group purchase website is not pure group purchase website, in fact, they were classified information website and online shops to expand business class evaluation site. The two companies have their own resources based on the owner of the site's own line of business, to carry out localization services have a congenital advantage.

In contrast,

, the other major group buying site is not only focused on localization services. October handle network localization conversion rate is only 79.18%, it is worth mentioning that the handle at the end of October submitted IPO prospectus, as of October 23rd this year, the total number of lashou 4300 employees, the >