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Zhang Jiaojiao, a young woman with disabilities in Cangzhou, started 500 thousand in chicken breedin

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once disabled, for many people may end up in a lifetime. However, the hero of this article has made unremitting efforts, relying on chicken entrepreneurship, more than 500 thousand years, which is a lot of people can not do a good health, Cangzhou's disabled young woman Zhang Jiaojiao did.

riding an electric tricycle selling eggs

Zhang Jiaojiao optimistic, strong from the parents care for her. "When I was a child, I couldn't go to school. In order to let me learn knowledge, my father was busy with his work during the day." Later, with the growth of age, Zhang Jiaojiao found with peers around the gap. Looking at some of their peers admitted to the University, and some took part in the work, and she can only stay at home every day.

at that time Zhang Jiaojiao's father kept 2000 hens, free to help his father to pick up the egg on the Zhang Jiaojiao. One day, Zhang Jiaojiao thought, why not go out to help his father sell eggs. In Zhang Jiaojiao's strong request, his father bought her an electric tricycle. In order to learn to drive, Zhang Jiaojiao every day while others sleep, the road less people, secretly open to the playground practice. Learn to drive, Zhang Jiaojiao's entrepreneurial journey opened.

, however, a very realistic problem in front of Zhang Jiaojiao: she was sitting on a tricycle is a day, half-way can not get off to the toilet. In order to overcome the difficulties, she often hungry all day long do not eat or drink, and sometimes hungry dizzy, weight quickly reduced from 96 pounds to 76 pounds. The most difficult is the winter, cold blood circulation is not smooth legs, legs and feet on the frostbite ulceration. See this situation, parents will not let Zhang Jiaojiao go out.

difficulties did not stop the pace of Zhang Jiaojiao forward, she drove a tricycle around the rural supermarket turned over, decided to establish a supply relationship with the supermarket. Fresh eggs, reasonable prices, personally door-to-door, Zhang Jiaojiao with their own advantages to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the supermarket. Through word of mouth, around the village supermarket, restaurants, bakeries into Zhang Jiaojiao's customers.

own poultry farms reached 30 thousand

Zhang Jiaojiao to sell eggs to open up the market, but also the idea of raising their own eggs. The first batch of chicks and feed money spent nearly 150 thousand yuan, is to borrow from relatives and friends. Zhang Jiaojiao said: there is a year of bird flu is particularly serious, the spread of the epidemic is very fast, a lot of layers have not escaped the robbery, because of their strict management of the farm, only I keep hens intact. After the outbreak, a substantial reduction in egg herds, egg prices, brought me business opportunities, access to considerable income."

Zhang Jiaojiao was married at that time, her husband was hard-working and capable. The couple after half a year of hard work, debts repaid in full year, net profit reached recommended

Network promotion master will not physically disabled

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a wheelchair, a computer, a young man with disabilities to open their own life stage. Its spirit is worth learning, in our limited years to live out the wonderful!

Network to promote the industry of our country is said to be

1, * * * his disability after meet the honored before the age of 22, Peng Hongwei was a perfect person, when the workers monthly income of nearly 2000 yuan; parents are working in the neighborhood; one family comfortable and cozy.

After 4 years of

mouchangqing father is the director of community Peng Mou, I is one of China's first batch of network promotion, has been engaged in related work in Beijing. At the end of 2007 to go home for the Spring Festival, Mou learned from the father of Peng Hongwei's experience, to take the initiative to visit, and strive to recommend Peng line; give him to explain the basics of the Internet, for him to prepare a large number of promotion cases.

Peng Hongwei quickly "net", after two months of self training, his text posts, post pictures, video posts and other ways and means have been able to skillfully use.


How to carry out early education franchise management

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early childhood has become an important lesson in the growing process of children, choose a good early education institutions so you can shop more easily. Open a pre school franchise, then, how to manage it? Xiao Bian for us to carry out a detailed introduction.

(1) listen to the views of the early hearing as a management operator not only to listen and listen. One is to listen to the opinions, the specific management practices are in accordance with students' interests and the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, appeared as a leader or check the identity of the person, not a specifically looking for teaching staff error mentality, nor in a First impressions are strongest thinking to listen, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. The two is to listen to lectures, the class into a class. In the lectures in improving their ability to "know", only in this way can we improve the management decision-making ability.

(2) early learning to learn more. There are two main forms of learning as a manager: one is to read all kinds of books. Should be systematic or selective to learn the theory of education and teaching, the policy of preschool education, laws and regulations, a variety of newspapers and websites from the relevant management and operation, teaching and research articles, a variety of modern educational technology, etc.. The two is the practice of reading books without words, through meetings and research activities or website, to observe the dynamic reform and innovation about peer education and teaching staff to join organizations in education and teaching and research activities, pay more attention to the grassroots, the class and the whole preschool education development change education.

(3) early stores management operators on the preschool education should pay attention to the cultivation of their understanding in the work, carry on a variety of issues, to be good at from different angles, different levels and different form of entry. To be good in operation before, during and after the end of "thinking" and "thinking" and "thinking", to find their own things from it, can not put their head on their shoulders, not casually, without being assertive, without a head to go to work. On the contrary, the initiative becomes passive.

above is about how to carry out the management of early education on the introduction of some of these are worth thinking about. Grasp the industry's good management capabilities to make the details of the introduction, for this problem, we read through the above content in the future, it must be done in the hearts of it!

nvestment shop to predict the future of the new 14 most suction gold

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rapid development of science and technology, perhaps in the future of the world is now a big science fiction film has become possible, then naturally will produce some incredible career. Want to invest in a business to do business friends may wish to look at.

1. human organ trainer

2. nano physician

They will design subatomic nano medical tools and a series of

3. high tech farmer

4. elderly welfare expert

5. memory development technician

by surgery for people's memory capacity expansion".

6. new scientific ethics division

7. space shuttle pilot

The location has a knack for their sweeping grassroots Entrepreneurship

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entrepreneurship is not easy, grassroots entrepreneurship is not easy, so need to consider more comprehensive. Today, we do a summary of grassroots entrepreneurial site selection skills, I hope to help entrepreneurs grassroots group. Grassroots entrepreneurship site tips, go to sweep the streets can be found Feng shui. Street, is you personally or sent to the on-the-spot investigation, the scene found the locations of available time.


1, street area is determined.

must develop a detailed road map in the streets, superstition, in order to avoid duplication or omission.

2, ready for sweeping tool.

3, 2008 personnel on-site investigation.

on the underground store rental information, grassroots entrepreneurs once found to immediately contact the understanding of the basic situation, and recorded in the "basic housing situation table", the best scene of the house or the agreed time showings. Assuming that the site meets the basic conditions, but also to shoot a variety of photos inside and outside the store, so that others can get a rational view.

4, do a complete record and summary.

5, distinguished evaluation, negotiation on alternative locations of all, until the final signing.

because of good location usually have many competitors in the grab, so you can also search and negotiation, to ensure that the first time to lose a good location.

the location, on your business is good, what is good, when you will find the real business. Entrepreneur has a knack for location, do not want to spend too much money, and want to find Feng Shui, the streets are very effective addressing mode.


Catering enterprises how to do bigger and stronger these points to consider

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a person no matter what the status of the identity of the total or to eat, so the food and beverage industry does not worry about no market, is a very worthwhile investment in the industry. For catering enterprises, want to improve their competitiveness should pay attention to the following factors.

cuisine. Is to determine the factors of cuisine products which were mainly modulated, knife. This must be in line with the consumption habits and consumer preferences of the consumer groups around two. In addition, the cuisine culture, dishes, such as color and fragrance to adapt to the nearby consumer groups. Otherwise, consumers often choose not to eat their own food habits.

the price factor. Price is an important factor in determining whether consumers have purchasing power. If the price and income level around the consumer groups are incompatible, that is to say the price positioning is not accurate, there will be a lot of people often come to the consumer, thus causing income greatly reduced, even lower than the cost.

service factors. Service factor is the sum of the various elements of catering services and ancillary services provided by catering enterprises. Including the concept of service, attitude, norms, etc., these factors tend to determine whether the food and beverage business is a key factor in repeat customers, but also one of the most important elements.


Join the fish shop recommended five name

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joined the fish shop is the dream of many people, for the fish store what name? It is a lot of people have a headache, now do good, long run fish shop does not see more, let us share, how to use the name to attract the attention of consumers?


fish head

creative Description: idiom "The tune lingered in the room. three days without a break".   "fish" homophonic "aftertaste" can show that the fish store unique flavor fragrance, fragrance overflowing in between three days without a break, the name easy to remember, easy to pronounce, easy publicity. Let a person see a deep impression.


Haisan fragrance

creative Description: "sea" sea is homophonic, this shop fish are authentic seafood, fresh and tender; yet this is good, that our products have everything for quality, quality assurance; Shang Hai "and that" Shanghai ";" fragrance "there are two opinions: one is our fish taste delicious, the two stores articulate fragrant; fish, fish is very tender.


infinite fish

creative Description: from the idiom "endless aftertaste". "Fish" explains what we are doing. Idioms using easy to pronounce, easy to remember the name of the customer, and leave a deep impression on  . Infinite taste, that I shop fish taste rich, diverse practices.

creative Description: first of all, the company is mainly engaged in fish, and unique style, is the company's secret ingredients, so there is a unique attraction. Fish island, reflects the first "fish", a fish named   to the customer; First impressions are strongest first impression, two fish and fish, carp in Longmen and a series of meaning, to bring customers to the heart. To "island" for the second words, is to give people a mysterious, deep feeling, but also reflects the company's unique, unique. The whole fish island is smooth, easy to remember, unique charm.

new name: fish flavor

creative Description: new flavor of fish, new fish, as in fish -- new taste! Creative Description: the smell of fish is impressive, take a homonym of the new fish taste more easily by the public to remember. "The new flavor" includes the store features, the integration of the Sichuan and Xinjiang fish barbecue characteristics, and 60 kinds of secret sauce, let you linger.

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Ziyan subway chicken which join conditions

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Ziyan subway chicken cooked to join you know? You are not only to have a taste of the brand impression, and you do not have an exact knowledge of the system as a support, so the following small as we introduce the cooked chicken Ziyan subway franchise brand.

Ziyan food group is a collection of cooked food production and sales of large-scale food group, the company headquarters is located in Shanghai Minhang District Xhenzhuang Industrial Park, the main characteristic of Sichuan food products. Wherever he went, he was welcomed and loved by local consumers. On behalf of the brand Ziyan subway chicken is Ziyan food.

Ziyan subway with chicken and good image in China food industry leading position, has won the Ziyan subway chicken products: tenth China food exposition, Jiangsu Province BrandName, Hubei province famous brand, Shanghai top ten agricultural products and so on, Ziyan subway chicken is to obtain the national six ministries jointly issued by the national food safety demonstration unit, livestock production base in Sichuan Province, the national Spark Program and other honors.

if you want to join the chicken Ziyan subway project, then please follow Xiaobian together to find out what are the conditions for joining the brand.

Ziyan subway chicken franchise:

1, with a strong sense of risk prevention, have a business background and management experience, the basic concept of the market.

2, the company's culture, management, model, service, management philosophy has agreed that the food takeaway cognitive.

3, the management of cooked takeaway can keep going.

4, with a capital of 5-12 million, funds obtained legally.

5, where the street should have a certain scale and level of consumption, business premises must be in the more prosperous streets, convenient transportation.

6, actively cooperate with the company's training and promotion activities, and ensure the consistency of service and quality.

7, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social morality activities.

Ziyan subway chicken market, one billion and three hundred million people three meals a day, choose store easily, is a small investment gold project. Perfect quality assurance, customer turnover rate is very high, the national unified brand, unified retail price, to provide you with the best quality service.

if you have any other aspects of the problem is not clear, please give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the first contact with you.

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How to get a small coffee shop

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coffee shop in our real life is a very exotic place at the same time, a good is not the same and has the characteristics of coffee shop name is actually the main reason to attract consumers into the consumer, then open a coffee shop which can take good listen to the name.

how to take a good name in the coffee shop? To have meaning, for example handshold, son Xiao Xiao, the Yi River is so cold or anything. Feeling is full of warm and happy place.

and the corner coffee shop, coffee, Spain, Ya Di cafe, diaokeshiguang, about Sherlock, Paris dream, CASIO coffee shop, Sorrento, Aegean Sea, coffee coffee bank, love color dream, nest coffee, cappuccino, cafe 92 C, the afternoon of Luzhou cafe, swan Fort cafe, sweet coffee shops, leisure corner, Turandot coffee, Taigu coffee, little love, Bala bala.

A: coffee is coffee and shooting two birds with one stone, high quality two meaning, set in a body.

now want to open a coffee shop, a proper name is very important, have a good name, then the operation of the coffee shop would be much simpler, and the business will be much better.


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