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Join the entrepreneurial process needs to focus on four major issues

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franchise chain is a form of entrepreneurship, a lot of lack of money or experience entrepreneurs tend to choose this form of entrepreneurship. In fact, to join the venture business is not good to do, you need a certain skill, to avoid some wrong methods.

successful franchise system not only has the same requirements of leader, there are requirements for franchisees.

The best franchise system

A: motivation biased

The so-called "

general headquarters for contract will join the full support of the franchisee, not to mention the franchisee's success also represents its success, but can bring profits to expand the market, but also conducive to the recruitment of new investment franchisees. But if the franchisee itself does not understand the project, no passion, motivation is not correct, not relative to the input, then the headquarters big investment, also cannot stop your last station to the losers in the queue.

Why consumers will say that there are quality problems of real cigarettes

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as long as the smoke and deal with, whether it is the seller, or buyers, in fact, are afraid to encounter fake. After all, buyers spend money, the result is a fake, inevitably sad. For sellers, it is likely to have a very negative impact on the store's business. Because of this, in the process of visiting customers, customer manager retail customers sometimes encounter such complaints: consumers in the purchase of cigarette smoking on the one or two, immediately conclude that the cigarette quality problems, said even cigarettes.

this should be a good communication can solve the small contradictions, but because of the lack of knowledge of retail customers, resulting in poor communication with consumers, and thus affect the reputation of the shop. To this end, the author collected a number of related knowledge of cigarettes for retail customers friend reference.

mood reasons

as the saying goes: Wedding stuffy dirty smoke tea. This shows that there is a great relationship between smoking and mood, different mood, the taste and the effect is different. People in a pleasant mood, easy to have a sense of identity to smoke cigarettes; but in the depressed negative emotions like sadness, will be suspicious of a cigarette flavor, the taste is not the same with ordinary cigarettes, there are quality problems. This is considered to be one of the biggest reasons consumers.

mainly based on

many consumers have a special liking for some kind of cigarette. In conversation with retail customers, I found that the majority of consumers are more subjective to their own cigarette smoking experience to determine the authenticity of the lack of scientific basis. For example, when some consumers buy cigarettes to observe a printing mark inside the cigarette case, cigarette case or tongue box inside, in order to determine the authenticity of the cigarette, and not according to the production process quality of cigarette packaging, printing quality and filter, and the smell of cigarette and combustion characteristics in discrimination. Consumers lack of knowledge of cigarettes, it is easy to misunderstand.

shelf life

client manager in daily visits found that many customers store cigarettes more humid place. The cigarette factory has been in continued fermentation during the aging process, generally in the factory after about eight months to achieve the best taste, aroma and taste decreased gradually, began to deteriorate. Cigarette storage in different environment and different time of storage, a cigarette quality and taste also has the effect of cigarette flavor - this is also a lot of consumers feel different from the store to buy a difference. Therefore, retail customers should attach great importance to the cigarette storage environment, and in the implementation of FIFO principle.

encountered this problem, we also need to use more professional knowledge to solve, can not easily conflict, so the store's business will be very negative. Of course, the most important thing is to be sincere

Let investors with small and broad good projects!

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with the progress of the times, not only women in the pursuit of brand, brand effect is applicable to all the people, how to find a little investment in the male market, but a lot of money income project to do business? Why don't you try to open a lingerie store?!

investment skills

The main consumers of

store location

because of specific target customers, men's underwear store location is quiet, traffic is convenient. Although "popularity" is very important, do not have to choose the flow of people in particular the main road, too "Wang" is not conducive to attract lots of customers in the door, but the traffic must be convenient. The best choice in the relatively mature business district, the surrounding young people are relatively more communities and apartments. Area of 15-25 square meters can be, do not need too much. Address should be able to describe clearly, easy for customers to find.


Recommendation and rationalization proposals for College Students

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There are a lot of

entrepreneurial projects, different entrepreneurial groups have different project choice, then, what is suitable for college students do? The following is recommended for college students venture, for your reference, of course, specific projects need to look at the actual situation!

shop recommended: students start the project

for entrepreneurship weapon:

1. shop this bowl of rice is very delicious, some people are making money, but some people lose money, the key lies in how to operate. Now the shop is really too much, every day is new, how these dazzling shops in talent shows itself, make its own characteristics, is the key to making money, carefully positioning their own business projects, the best to choose their own products, want to know where their strengths, their own core resources where is the.

2. products, prices, promotions and channels, we must focus on these four points to operate. Consumers usually goods than three, to learn how to engage in promotions, online sales channels for individuals or groups, is a man or woman, etc.. Publicity will also be the first in the relevant forum posts, log on various search engines, etc.. Shop early, even if the loss should be honest.



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How to choose a dry cleaning shop to join the project

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How to choose the

dry cleaning shop? Franchisee to do investment business, not just throw money, it is certainly through multiple visits, do a good job of investment preparation, decided to join a project. How to find a suitable investment brand? Many consumers are not very clear, hurry to learn about it.

Hefei rankings, ranked according to different requirements, or the company collected different materials, eventually aggregated into a list. Ranking requirements, and some are based on the price as a standard, and some are dry cleaners to join the credibility of the business as a standard, there is a dry cleaners to join the business district to rank, etc.. And when we choose the standard, we must identify the location, to see what is the main factor in their own constant way.


Hefei to select the project? Many franchisees are according to the list, this is a very good reference, in addition, there are other methods, the above suggestions for reference, hope can help you find a suitable investment projects, to study it, not to be missed, we are waiting for you to contact.

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Health beauty chain stores need to investigate the market

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health beauty chain stores in the location and can not only take into account the current market situation, but also need to consider the future development potential of the lot. If there are many unfavorable factors, we need to consider it carefully. Many businesses are the lack of consideration of this layer, the site will fail.

in the site selection, we must have a vision of development, not only to study the status quo, but also the correct prediction of the future. Because the location of the site where the situation is changing: the traffic conditions are improving, the competition is more and more intense, the environment is changing and developing.

should have a certain potential for commercial development of a new franchisee selected beauty shop, has a competitive advantage in the region, after a certain period of time are profitable in to ensure. Each network should have a certain size of the target customers, which is to ensure that their business reached a certain size of the important conditions.

is a good choice of location, caused by natural development quickly, for any one shop, its target customers are often changed. Municipal planning, traffic changes can lead to the increase or decrease in the chain of health beauty chain stores, which has become an important basis for predicting future customer base.

health beauty chain store location problem is more difficult, many businesses have failed in this session. If you want to succeed in the location of the market environment, you need to pay more attention to the market potential is good, make a careful consideration before you can rest assured that the shop.

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Unexpected new opportunities for the spring festival began to emerge

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Spring Festival is coming soon, so, you seize the opportunity of this holiday? New year's day has always been the peak season of consumption, and with the change of people's lifestyle, some unexpected new year's Spring Festival began to emerge.
28 year old Tang Qi spring festival with her husband to return to my hometown in Hubei, home to the "poodle" had her heart: fly back home, not with the dog counterparts; the couple had no relatives in Shanghai, to foster.

discount wizard

"Spring Festival to worship a pay New Year's call early, good health, two times less difficult, thanks to three troubles away, four times around the happiness......" Today, the Spring Festival Spring Festival SMS message, becoming more and more mobile phone users during the Spring Festival is essential to life. Many sites have opened columns to launch a variety of new year blessings

nnovation and entrepreneurship is not short of money lack of good entrepreneurial projects

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policy to give financial support for innovation and entrepreneurship is more and more big, therefore, China is not short of money, but, in addition to the success of funds also need good business projects, at present, Chinese is the lack of good business projects.

with double tide to push, more and more entrepreneurs feel venture money is not good to take, domestic entrepreneurship is experiencing winter capital". New Oriental Group Chairman, Yu Minhong, founding partner of the fund, recently accepted an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said that the arrival of the capital winter is a good thing, allowing entrepreneurs to be more cautious. He believes that, in fact, China is not short of money, but the lack of good projects, China really has less than 1% of innovative projects. The "double" and support of government funds, he said direct subsidies and subsidies for venture capital project are wrong, reasonable choice of government is the establishment of parent fund funds to invest in venture capital institutions professional.

In fact,

China now can be said to have not actually innovative soil, our childhood education is not based on the innovation of the education system, China children grew up don't know the question, is not recommended

How to open a successful underwear store

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grades are different, the face of the consumer is different, the operation of the store will naturally be different. In the current environment of the entire consumer, but instead of a lot of mid-range lingerie store favorite, has a good market prospects. However, the current fierce competition in the shop, if you want to successfully set up shop, naturally need to master more knowledge. So, how to open a successful underwear store? Let me see small series of.

is now a lot of home underwear underwear store rich in style, colors, and lace and embroidery are very delicate, but the price is not high, mostly in dozens of yuan, which is the most popular price six, seventy yuan of underwear, quality and workmanship are good.

By contrast, these

underwear is more suitable for mass consumption than in the mall lingerie brand. How to open a mid-range underwear store?

investment estimate of

underwear store

brand gold: 10000 yuan

first purchase fee: 18000 yuan -50000 yuan

decoration: 20 thousand yuan

Manual: two people in general, each of 800 - 1000 yuan / month; water and electricity: $200 / month; total investment: 50 thousand - 82 thousand yuan.

underwear store investment depends on the positioning of the brand and consumer groups. Different grades of underwear stores in the decoration, the cost of renting a small difference. Brand association to provide free of charge to provide a unified brand store design drawings, the main difference is the amount of the first purchase. Because most of the brand's underwear franchise stores have not joined the requirements of the gold, but for the first time the amount of purchase are provided.

to join the need to pay 5000 yuan to $10000 margin. In front of the brand for the first time purchase amount of 100 thousand yuan in general, the purchase price is the market retail price of 2/3. and the second tier brands first purchase value of more than 15000 yuan to 50000 yuan, the price of goods is generally 4 to 55% off of the retail price.

if you are located in the upscale community, it is best to first-line brand based, although the price of first-line brands although relatively low, but the price of a single product is high, the income is not low. If it is an ordinary community, small brands have advantages. The price of these brands and brand-name goods but the quality is not much difference between, relative assurance, but also by the young women of all ages.

Analysis of the profit of

underwear store

for personal entrepreneurship, the median lingerie store investment is not large, about 40000 yuan

Successful entrepreneurs have to look at the five methods

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venture a lot of people, but not everyone can get a happy business results, some people even suffered heavy losses. Why is there such a situation? In addition to their own ability, there are some other factors, here Xiaobian summed up the success of the five entrepreneurial experience, take a look at it!

 Good choice, good at creating

. Investors need to adjust the heart, do not let the mood hurt yourself   negative attitude of the people, in any case can not afford to pick and burden of life, because they can not face all setbacks in life, become a major event on the high-speed state of mind, even if there is no hope, can also see a successful light.

overcome hesitation;

to completely change their defects. Everyone has a weakness, not great men always stick to their own weaknesses, no major changes in his life; to great men always learn from their weakness on surgery, to put himself into a super man. A person who can't correct his own defects is a loser!


  smart people

the clever use of human resources a person does not know how to contact, will promote the strength of interpersonal relationship. One of the characteristics of a major event is: good at leveraging, borrow the heat to create a successful situation, which can be difficult to do a piece of things to do, to achieve their own life planning.