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Teach you 35 days to build a vertical e-commerce site

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as a webmaster want to achieve the dream to get rich on the Internet, should consider the thing is positioned in the station before, you want to rely on the flow of content is king or commercial profit, the king, on orders of profit, I spent three months in the site before considering the positioning of your site, and this site only 35 days, I do not want to emphasize a station faster on your behalf more cattle, but you build a station, before taking into account more problems, more clear thinking, after you spend less time, citing a word is "do not seek a global shortage seek a domain", the website is a platform for your final decision success is your idea. This article I simply share the 35 days of the site of the steps, on site positioning and ideas, I will write something special, and we discuss together.

site preliminary preparation (1-10 days)

if you think you want to do what kind of a electronic commerce website before, including what domain name, need more space, with what e-commerce shop system, what kind of layout templates, so the most important thing now is to work for the record, the record takes about 20 days or so now, if you are not sure what to sell, this time to consider would be wise to do something, you can record, such as a piece of paper, set the TITLE for your upcoming KEYWORD website, DESCRIPTION, don't tell me you five minutes to fix, I set my shoes Princess net in three days. Then on our website, website, selling these things to pack it, about a day, then the 400 telephone, Internet banking, enterprise mailbox, did not apply for the application quickly, oh, and the website topology, you can draw a picture of a product, classification, homepage keywords, keyword optimization which mainly paging a few, was also down, then the site LOGO, site based color, with artist friends to help him fix. These things do fine, 10 days is not enough, because even if we are determined when a detail, is often an idea today, tomorrow is an idea, so I said before, your ideas more clearly, the establishment of the faster.

two website preliminary preparation (10-20 days)

because this time the record is not down, I still categorize him as a preparation, this time is familiar with your choice of online store system each function, such as advertising system, news publishing system, commodity distribution system, promotional release system, membership management, order management module, this time also haven't got the supply of a friend to hurry up, then the product photography, photo retouching products, pricing, if you intend to do shop dealers friends can omit this step, then the product key words set, similarly, the first to write on a piece of paper. If you have enough time to do so, then you can apply for Baidu account, hot forum account, high weight blog account, micro-blog >

Talk about how local community doors operate according to local conditions

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local gateway community is a popular site type in today's webmaster circles. Its flexible online and offline profit model is the main reason for its favorite by the webmaster, but its relatively complex, heavy operation, but also a lot of personal webmaster love and hate for him. Many individuals build their own local community portal after the site into a low active dead end. And its reason often comes from the operation of the door, do not have local condition to detonate hot spot focus. Below, I will take my own community portal, Lanzhou LAN 100 network as an example to talk about the operation of the road.

based on the characteristics of local cities, to guide user communication,

Chinese is a vast territory and abundant resources of ancient civilization, every city has its unique cultural delicacy. Take Lanzhou, the author's hometown, as an example. Lanzhou people eat well and enjoy their holiday with friends and family. Lanzhou people like eating hot and sour food, the Sichuan dishes and Hot pot is fond of. At the same time, Lanzhou people bold dinner will drink wine, drink, to contain any party to. These are the unique features of the city of Lanzhou. On the 19 floor, presumably as a webmaster you must not strange, why it can be in the three or four years it can occupy the main market community portal, the reason is the different characteristics of each city to have a perfect location. Therefore, as a local portal, in order to attract users, the first step is to have a more perfect and definite orientation for the local features.

collects locally updated information and continues to attract new users to

local portal site target visitors have a common characteristic, that is the range of the target visitors narrow but the usage is very great, the target visitors is often limited to a city, so the local community network to get a good development must be continued to collect the latest information to add, continue to attract new users. In this regard, I give you three suggestions:

1: there are special people responsible for the photo shooting and collection, based on local characteristics based on the production of some story album.

2: there are special people responsible for the local news events follow-up reports, news events are not divided into size, to meet the needs of users as criteria.

3: integration of information with local talent market and secondary market, providing more valuable information to target customers.

actively participates in user communications,

believes that many of our friends who come into our local community website are coming with some local problems. The author of the Lanzhou forum for example can be seen entering the users in asked: what Lanzhou local snacks in Lanzhou more? What fun and so on, if your visitors to look forward to asking the question but no reply, it will cause not to hurt the feelings of the visitors, the author suggested that the community should be early local portal someone responsible for answering this some answers to users, many users either hold exchange mentality, or some small problems, the author.

Planning and thinking of help center of website planning

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makes help everywhere.

Does the

help follow the user or does the user come to the help center?

obviously, it is better to help go with the user, users go to where, for the user to do the work of clearing up doubts there.

users might appear on the page which doubts, this time, the simple explanation is the maximum user help.

is best to establish a center for help thinking, to walk around the user to help, go to go to the user, not to build a huge user assistance center, let users encounter problems to find a solution make light of travelling a thousand li a little problem. Help center more to build bigger, more problems, a small problem is more difficult to find, when the help center into a tall temple, began from the user. Go among the masses! Go among the masses!


users in the middle register, midway recharge, order midway, are likely to encounter this kind of confusion, you do not allow users to help center to solve puzzles, to help the user center, for a long time to find, and then come back, the recharge order has been aging, the user's byebye, you lose not an order, not a user, but a number of users.

at Taobao, choose me to sell, and take a look at this page, let's analyze:


first, the most striking place is to allow users to choose two commodity distribution methods.

price and auction.

this time, users may have doubts, what is the price, what is the auction? Well, the ready-made answer is certainly not the best help help center, or the user to search for "what is the price", this time, the most simple and most efficient help function is to add a comment on "such a price" button above, but this sentence is very concise and easy to understand.

so, next question, how do you sell it,


, look at the following: "how to start selling babies"

, the simple three steps are simple and clear, and they can be clicked directly into the link. These fully reflect the "simple and efficient way" to fully meet the needs of users."

See eBay below


said last time that eBay is a good place to burn money.

, I just searched Google for eBay. Look at this picture:


is really strange why eBay promotion the words "eBay", is responsible for the operation of the people do not know the word if the promotion is just a waste of money? But this website promotion in capital, the natural ranking in lowercase, allowing users to have a flustered.

How to avoid piracy, forgery, so that the search engine for the site to sit up and take notice of

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is looking forward to the website search engine is not very high, the search engine for a website in accordance with the basic requirements of the optimization and the user experience can be, so how to do a website to be able to make the search engine on the web sit up and take notice? Below it for a detailed talk.

based on relevance, so that the search engine to remember web site

With the continuous improvement of the

search engine algorithm, before the kind of random extract content phenomenon has been recognized by search engines, cry up wine and sell vinegar is not the case search engine allows, want to let the search engine to remember our site, as a webmaster to do is according to the title and keywords editorial content website and let the whole website showing a harmonious picture, and not irrelevant content, so that it can make the search engine on the website of the memory deepen, before the kind of random and not related to the content of the search engine has been eliminated.

relies on authority and allows search engines to look at the site

different sites have their own features, a large source of authoritative website is the construction features of the website, I believe that many owners will choose their own characteristics, editing domain privacy policy, public contact, and these are the contents of this play authority, a very simple example: if your website wants to use the phone, the phone is to use 400 or the use of personal mobile phone number? From the user's point of view is: 400 types of enterprise telephone call, personal mobile phone number is not worth trusting. We can see from the only shape high authority can make the search engine at our website, based on shape authoritative is constantly innovative, credibility, and efficient form of expressing our thoughts.

identify the practicality, so that the search engine

no practical website is not possible to obtain a search engine to sit up and take notice, we can see that the website hao123 why so popular, in addition to the design of the site itself and its practicality is the key for the success of hao123; look back in recent years the development of the A5 forum, its use is to support its development of core power; we also can get to know the local sites, these sites for a webmaster should be familiar with the local website, because the information timeliness and authenticity of access to a large number of users welcome, and this is practical.

therefore our website must be based on practical positioning standards identify their own, such as your website is a news site, it is either timed timely disclosure of news and information; and if your website is a kind of clothing website, actually used on the table now allows users to enter the site according to the you need to choose the right clothes. The usefulness of the site can not be described in a few words. From these examples, we can see that the usability of the website is directly related to the user's requirements

Confused as a new station owner

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do a webmaster has half the time, a word, tired, tired and there is no end to vote, day and night two dizzy flower, the spirit of the poor. And don't give up the network in the world, it even girlfriend ran away, do really very lonely?


first started, has a keen interest in the website, she also bought the book and began to study, learning, can not learn as a master. With the rapid development of the Internet, the network resources are also very rich up. At the beginning, to find yourself in more the need for software. Then slowly found, as long as you can think of, in the network can be found. In the computer, as long as the computer is out of the question, we put the key in, can be found in the relevant information, you can solve their own problems, those who do not understand the Internet, but also think you are God? Think you are master of master, what questions to ask me, I think, if they are willing to own the Internet to check, not all are God. Two years of playing the computer, the results began to have a new idea. That is to become a master.

  做站长前,自己都很没有头脑的,不知道要怎么搞,就玩了个二级域名,一玩就是玩了二个月,结果,那个二级域名被我玩到PR1了,听说网站PR很重要,我想,一个二级域名都能玩到PR1,那何不搞个顶级的玩玩,这个念头一下子出来了,我们找了一家代理商,去申请了一个一元的CN域名,域名是(,取这个域名里,想了好久,正好遇上这么一个遇名,就取名为七盟,这僦是我七盟网的来历,说的也巧,七盟网用来做什么呢?一直很是不自然,到底做什么好.上网一查,有论坛好做.想了想,是啊,做论坛,来交流吧.交流的同时还可以学到很多知识,同时也起到收集资料的作用,这办法好, As a result, I made a forum to do a half a month, GG is included, but BAIDU is no movement, do not understand what a hurry, take me half a month, so a month passed slowly, BAIDU included more than 300 pages I have, for a month, I am excited, but 300 pages included after a month after only one page, how come ah, I remain perplexed despite much thought, later found on the Internet, it is a process that included in BAIDU. After a few days, there are more than 100 pages. Then has been about 70 pages change. PR must be zero, and now do not know how to do. Do not, have done a lot, but the effect is not very obvious,

asked the experienced webmaster, and pointed out a few questions for me:

1. space is faster,.

2. home page less pictures.

3. space must be stable and access to normal.

Jiang Likun how to build a forum star

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a year ago wrote an article on the operation of the forum article, entitled "six basic principles" forum to fire up, one referred to the forum needs to have a hero, today to talk about this topic and everyone. Forum hero, a simple point of understanding is the forum reds, celebrities, stars. This name can be big or small: if it's big, it can be a circle or even a network of red people; if it's small, it can only be a red hat in this forum. Of course, the bigger the theory, the better.

what is the use of forum heroes? Why build a forum hero? With forum heroes, forums have centrality and interaction among members will be more active. Because forum heroes were usually the jar of opinion leaders, often involves a swing, should be gathered, we will in the idol role, hang in the jar. With forum heroes, it is easy to form their own forum culture. A forum wants to grow and develop. If you want to become a sacred place for the users, you must have your own unique culture. For example, "mop", "Tianya" has become a classic, the main reason lies in this.

then, Jiang Likun will tell you how to build a forum hero. There are many ways to implement this effect, which are difficult and easy. Today, first of all, from the easy to difficult to talk about the six main methods:

method 1: crazy irrigation. This is the simplest and most effective way. The only requirement is to have enough physical strength and endurance. After all, this is a strength. In a forum, continuous frenzied irrigation for a month, the effect will be achieved. Crazy here means that every day the number of Posts posted on the forum first, and with the volume of second comrades to maintain at least twice the gap. Like pushing the first water king in the history of the forum, there are still people who keep thinking about him.

this irrigation is also a bit of argument, can not be arbitrary irrigation, irrigation and forum topics related to the paste. Even in the forum area, it was not what was out of order, if not related to the theme of the forum content, then find the recent hot news, hot events, anecdotes, jokes and stories of what these are, Jack of all trades, are suitable for any forum. As in a serious academic forum, it's definitely not reliable to go after some postpartum care and breastfeeding. Although the force is not less, but the effect is greatly reduced.

in addition to filling the subject paste, irrigation reply paste is the same, do not stop copying, paste a word "top", "passing" and the like. Even if the irrigation returns, the content also must have the difference.

method two: crazy chat. This method is similar to the above method, but it is different. Irrigation content, no nutritional content, and talk about the contents of the more nutritious, belonging to the feelings of moving. The most basic way to chat is to publish opinions from other members, which are not irrigation, but valuable comments on the content. It's better to have this kind of comment

How does individual stationmaster establish exclusive website brand

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in the era of rapid growth of Internet penetration, links and so on, is undoubtedly one of the most common terms in the Internet industry. Most of the webmaster, regardless of the old and new owners, in the website promotion process seems to be such a thinking, that is to maximize their website publicity out is successful, and called "the chain". So, we have seen countless spam links with Internet, the result is the increasingly sophisticated users of the link prohibitive, we can see that the portal Sina, began to block Taobao by our guest link, even on Tencent QQ users publish unknown links taboo moshen. Based on this, the author attempts to put aside their own experiences, the chain from the perspective of another thinking on how to set up the exclusive personal webmaster website brand.

1. Brand name choice

1, the uniqueness of brand names

we all know that "things are scarce", but in practice, we tend to forget this and blindly follow the trend. Others do hao123 see today, also to imitate hao123 tomorrow; others say a single page weight list is money, the impulse to spend less than half an hour of copying a single page to lose weight, the most terrible is the title content wholly intact copy. As a result, the garbage dump is rampant, and the user is not sure which is your station. The ranking is very unstable, and the Baidu K station is still standing, and the owner is also blaming Baidu for being unkind. Visible, establish individual website brand to be imperative. And to avoid involvement in the above "disputes", to maintain personal website brand uniqueness is the best choice. The author's station "360 weight loss net" follows this rule. How to keep your brand is the only? Very simple, good idea of your brand name, then use Baidu search, if the search page can not find exactly match your brand name, you found your unique brand name, you can use it.

2, the brand name of

to remember

that doesn't need much explanation. Many well-known websites are focusing on the website to remember the brand. Such as hao123, Baidu, NetEase and so on. "360 weight loss nets" also basically follow this important rule.

3, with the target keyword

this rule makes your brand more attractive to target users and avoid useless work. For example, your brand is "weight loss 123", the theme of the website is pig, the results can be imagined, the consequences are very serious.

two, brand domain name selection

about this, I believe that many webmaster has been instilled into such an idea, that is, domain names like beauty skirts, the back of the phrase we all know. In fact, these ideas are somewhat misleading. Not to question, such as, domain name is a good domain name, but how many webmaster can have? So don't care too much about the domain name, and even don't care too much about the domain name itself. In fact, most Internet users don't remember your domain name or enter your URL in the address bar. >

How can promote my website free of charge on my website

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the two day, I use the net ( online banner image generation, it is more of a function, which is generated in the picture, in addition to the original "generation download pictures, save the image to the member area", "added the picture posted to the forum function, click this button I go to, the program will automatically pull Forum ( webmaster exchange Edition (portal and forum data is generic, login portal can go directly to the forum), the use of pictures generated online friends advertising is very convenient, just a key, can be realized with the fastest speed of advertising the purpose of. The launch of this function is also a platform for me to provide free publicity for my website.


map, text forms of advertising, can greatly enhance the audience's sense stimulus, strengthen their advertising cognitive ability, the last phase of the forum I pull popularity booming, many owners are willing to exchange and trading, at this time, I dragnet launched this function, provides a platform for the owners self promotion, and the "advertising" a key mode of operation for the owners to save a lot of valuable time. (with drawings)


How much is a P worth

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how to change the site traffic into income is one of the webmaster's most concern. How much is a IP value? There are three different webmasters to answer this question:

the first kind: regardless of all means, whether it is seduce, or Trojan horse, whether it is mandatory click or cheat registration, as long as you can think of the move, will be a stay up all up. Earn money with small cleverness, make money with crooked idea, long-term be enveloped in the heart of a large number of stationmaster group.

second: merchant mode. The investment money, is always the most simple movements, they from the beginning, just put the network as a business tool, only this, they do not know what, but it can make money from the Internet, but also the rapid rise. For example, some Recruitment agents, five or six year and 73 months to throw a one hundred thousand monopoly of search engine results, then make about two hundred thousand, every year is only a busy three or four months, the rest of the time in sightseeing. You can go to count those text ads, Sina home page is not on the enrollment, is the investment, or medical treatment, they don't understand the network, never do not want to go to the learning network. But they dug away more gold from the Internet than anyone else.

third: long-term dry toil, from very early a few years ago, in order to toil, hard work, a little bit of accumulation, may have made thousands of small sites, they work quietly on the network, but as investors led by the Internet is nearing completion, the difficulty of making money will be more and more big, and further development, will be more difficult.


and the Internet for a long time the long-standing, is free, which means that the more you pay the labor, tossing countless energy, will produce a dead cycle. For example, you do a regional industry website, so that people can use some free services, until one day, you want to charge, all people will support I simply do not want to give you money, your dilemma is produced.


traffic really useful?


someone sent me a message, which means: SEO is the best, and the amount of income will be much higher.

When did

SEO begin to heat up? It was after the second half of 2003. And before that, what kind of online marketing is the dominant network?


2002, is a crazy period of time, the Internet early riches webmaster, mostly concentrated in this period, when 3721 have just begun to implement the network real name, many high flow of words is purely blank.

"legend", this was a day of real name can bring more than 10000 IP, in my hands, anyone enter the word in IE, network real name will directly opened my website, but the purchase of such a >