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What factors will influence the website server

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server hosting provider to server settings so uneven in quality, also all kinds of. For example, the default settings of the server is banned some search engines all web server in the server; some on the 404 page (Not found, does not exist on the server), will head the 200 status code is returned, which leads to the search engine has a large number of false copy the contents of this website, from punish.

so when choosing a server, weights, etc. prior to the observation included with IP other websites. Or there may be  collateral damage . Remember the gates of fire affecting the fish, he said.

hopes that the web server is firm, stable, tough, Seattle is every webmaster's dream. However, many webmaster and not enough money to buy high configuration servers, many owners are helpless with cheap, or even free space. Because the server is not stable, so the website three days a small hanging, five days a Dang; because the server access speed is slow, the user experience is very poor, so already anxious visitors, make a prompt decision behind you. If things go on like this will seriously affect the number of user experience and love the spider to visit Shanghai, and eventually lead to poor site keywords ranking.

although the search engine has made it clear that he will not discriminate against dynamic URL, static URL also did not have a special liking, URL is dynamic, static does not affect the keywords ranking. But Xiamen Shanghai dragon believes that with the static URL description description tags, although the search engine also made it clear that the standard description >

extreme example: black hat ER in Shanghai Longfeng rented server placed in the website with clear mark all cheating.

factors influence ranking four, the server does not support URL rewrite function

ranking factors three, the server is not stable / slow access speed

Because the The influence of

, the two factors influence ranking server settings

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. If more than 80% of the site to a server are marked cheating mark, if your site is just at this server, so in the eyes of the search engines, even if your site is "silt but don't dye", "Everyone is filthy. I clear" the innocence of the body, I also suffer by search engines all the family's fate.

website ranking factors a server, most of the cheating

The influence of

to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. All this fit all. Since time immemorial, has always been the "An army marches on its stomach." Search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon world, you need to "the website did not move, the first server." Then, the server has a close relationship which ties and the Shanghai dragon? Here to tell you that factors affect the server site keywords ranking.

The successful and rapid optimization steps to explain the website of the Shanghai Dragon

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I must emphasize the characteristics of

main nozzle, atomizing nozzle, fan nozzle, nozzle

first stop: Shanghai dragon standard optimization Website

rapid success site before Shanghai dragon sailing Shanghai dragon has: stability and regularity. First, the stability mainly refers to the server stability, website program stability, site keywords stability, stability, stable web page title description. Second, the regular requirements of Shanghai Longfeng site workers to master the search engine rankings influence rule, update time and quantity to have the law, publishing website chain rule.

what is the successful optimization of

. Column page title, keywords, description of setting special function, enhance the "professional and matching degree; the left side of the page with the column navigation, the recommended reading, ranking and other so that is user friendly, and perfect"

Analysis of Shanghai dragon journey - case open

make trouble not normal circumstances, optimization based keyword ranking steadily. The second law, master these rules can easily achieve efficient optimization purposes.

optimized website homepage to premise of company culture and user experience with focus (the top right corner of the site), easy to update (e.g. home page with links to news and information content of the article), stable (layout style can change), the page title key words and description must be stable (fast the optimization cannot modify, change once the optimization progress slows down).

case: Dongguan Jesse spray purification Co. Ltd.

as a successful website optimization Shanghai dragon worker, good psychological quality and patience is essential. Any website optimization process in Shanghai Longfeng workers will face such problems, such as search rules change, peer site caused by shock wave when the keyword ranking, we must be calm, objective analysis of each problem in detail, the website optimization is very good.

2, website Keywords:


website: 贵族宝贝jx-1贵族宝贝

? The idea of 1,

type: enterprise website

for success in our time has been very difficult to have a clear standard. For the website optimization success here we give a successful website optimization definition ", namely" keywords our website has a considerable part of the industry value ranking of the major search engines and web page, much attention, jealousy and imitation, and the site has brought us good economic benefits "the website optimization we give it called" success". In order to achieve the "success" of the target, then we open the website of Shanghai dragon journey.

The stability of


Alert four different search engine punishment

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severe punishment is a type of serious punishment. The cause of severe punishment is usually a serious breach of the items banned from the search engines, such as the use of black hat means of cheating, get good rankings, a large number of clicks through the illegal use of mass of large mass outside the chain, the website to modify the theme and content, hang black chain, website and link the sale and so on. Severe punishment after the performance of the site is not updated snapshot stop, all long-term keywords ranking, website basic weight, website ranking, site home page without missing or near, ""

third: severe punishment.

1: a mild punishment.

compared to the mild moderate punishment to some serious punishment. The general is to appear on the website the wide range and frequent revision, revision site title site uses black hat optimization methods, such as the purchase link, keyword optimization excessive, there are security risks, and the website website is linked to the horse, the mass of the chain, Links has punished website, website content acquisition over etc.. Moderate punishment by search engine website, mostly for snapshot stop updating, keywords ranking drop, some keywords decreased to 100 after site, home is not on the first page, the inside pages also appeared in varying degrees of decline, the decline in the number of pages included etc.. For moderate punishment, Shanghai dragon website optimization personnel should be paid more attention, immediately find out the reasons, corrected immediately, so as not to hurt the site further. At the same time the station should do the original content update as soon as possible so that the search engine on the recovery of the web of trust.

in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, in fact there is a certain risk of search engine punishment. Once the excessive optimization, or adopted a "black hat" means the site is likely to be punished by the right down, correlation and content on the website is not good also may cause punishment. Therefore, we do Shanghai Longfeng website optimization work, must be very cautious. Here, the author talk about search engine punishment according to the different performance of the site's the punishment system, hoping to be able to engage in website optimization webmaster a warning.

second: moderate punishment.

mild punishment for search engine lighter punishment types, usually appeared on the website for less serious mistakes, mistakes, to search unfriendly or irregularities, such as stability of website modify title, modify the site keywords, website, website content revision of small amplitude correlation is not good, not good, site space the chain is not high quality, the chain is not stable, Links there are punished website memory in the acquisition of the contents and so on. Mild punishment usually weight effect on the site itself is not too big, a little effect on the website ranking, keyword ranking will generally appear overall small decline, or stop updating the snapshot update frequency decreased, and even the phenomenon of snapshot backwards. We can use these phenomena to determine whether a site has been punished, and punished the degree.

Accelerate the use of CND website do need to pay attention to the link of Shanghai Dragon

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home page:

, using CND

is not used before CND acceleration, just listen to others to say why don't know much about it, do not dare to use. Prudence I also specially on the Internet for some information, the above said accelerate the use of CND not what effect on the site of Shanghai dragon, and also accelerate stand in the perspective of the user experience, not only has no effect on it and the positive effect of Shanghai dragon.

see the Internet used CDN to accelerate the webmaster, analysis of the function and descriptions on the pros and cons of the Shanghai dragon was an under the heart, so immediately to their website using CDN. Through the analysis of some settings and IP website, finally can normal visit, but the speed is significantly improved, this also is secretly finally solved the website can not access the problem. However, the morning of the second day look dumbfounded when ranking sites. Not only no website ranking, but also did not have even home page. At this time, the first reaction may be CDN, because I do not have any action, and the original content is normal. This immediately login web server to view the site date, this view to Charles does not know, although there are a lot of spiders to visit, but did not capture any of the page data, and GET are not what page information behind.


spider visit data, resulting in the elimination of

for the first timeBecause

below is eliminated and the front page spider visit:


These are personal was home

after using the CDN website to accelerate some lessons of experience, although some owners said online using CDN without what negative impact on the website of Shanghai dragon, but I have met.

therefore, I use simulation tools to view the site webmaster spider. It was found that the simulation spiders showing what content is not blank. Then wake up, the original is a spider that my web page has no content, we usually say do not frequently modify the title page, and my home is not even a sign saying the title did not lead to the elimination of the home is inevitable. Therefore, the thought of using the third DNS domain name analytic platform for a single spider crawling IP address. Then use the simulation tools to check the webmaster spider site again, has been able to properly grasp. On the second day and then check the website, surprised to find that some web site keywords ranking recovery, and the log normal spider can also capture data. Although some words have minor website ranking, but the main keywords ranking has not fully recovered snapshot back, but eventually came up, also want to master key can quickly recover.

screenshot below is restored

three, adding spiders independent access IP, ranking recovery



How to share Shanghai Dragon how to do keywords suspended in midair

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generally encountered such a problem, most of the Shanghai dragon Er will tell Frank questions: give up treatment, man. In fact, how often to love this answer, why give up the treatment of

The general situation of the This is

second, half-dead sites have such problems. Early may be some small problems, but once for a long time, accumulated more, it will become a big problem. However, the problem still is not a problem, the biggest problem is that you are going to find one of these problems and correct them, this is the biggest problem.

often encounter such problems: a certain website keywords to do the optimization for a long time, but also keywords have been suspended in midair, hovering in the four or five page, how to do do not go up, the sudden death of individual Na ([email protected][email protected]=)


first, optimization of the golden period is three or four months, within three or four months if you do not have to do website ranking before three pages (of course is that competition is not too fierce, if some thousands of opponents are super large index that red words, or that, you little people he declined to comment on the website for you), this love that is the impression of Shanghai. To turn a personal impression, from good to bad, from bad to good that it is very difficult to love, just like Shanghai.

third, half-dead station and dead station is not the same, half-dead station can still save it, but the problem is that the rescue costs may be relatively high. To what extent? If the quality of your optimization work in the first three months called the 1 number called the 1, so the quality of your rescue work work may be required to increase to 3 while the number may also need to upgrade to 2.


website is like this, a 200 index word, competition medium, the optimization work done more nervous, how nervous I will not go into details. About three months to rescue home (because of the limited time and energy, save only one word).

some time ago to the rescue of a site, in fact, the list of Shanghai dragon Er is not love, but the owner of this website is a good friend, but the key is still a adorable girl, then you fall. Because the rescue in his spare time, the effect is not very good, here just as an example for everyone to see it.

generally work: pre spent three nights for a web site, and then generally can change where have changed. Adorable girl then companies also have their own electricity supplier team (in fact, is a professional network and telephone sales team, now many small companies have such a team, says that the electricity supplier team), give some suggestions and opinions (they will find some B2B and classified information online to fool the release of information I am here, is to help sort out a bit more valuable and simple website platform to release information technique has made some changes.

How to use the hospital network marketing blog drainage

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Reasonable use of

so we are in a new promotion mode must be changed a bit, it is a way out of here. So what are the optimal way to Sina blog, the blog for example.

don't know what you do in the Sina blog have found that if you exit the blog, you can see the keywords is mainly the transfer of Sina blog home page label you as a keyword, description call is the first section of the articles. The author when doing the Sina blog, mainly to their home page set 10, then a top, top of the first paragraph is certainly for personal website demand description set. Key words, reasonable layout, before to list them to do keywords, for setting the label. Remind you, in order to improve the user experience of the blog, it is best to have a clear navigation list, as far as possible all the column arrangement.


medical people know that medical web sites are the production, which leads to a "blind user experience". What do you mean? Is mainly taking into account the patients to find their own information in Shanghai or Google and other search engines, are large quantities of "mirror sites", here is not to say that the twin mirror but as like as two peas, a general template and the nature of the content homogeneity.

is the medical work, so narrowing the scope to the medical health blog, blog is mainly to have distinct characteristics, it is best to set the template of the personal blog to its website based on the motherboard color, like this, can let patients through the blog to the website, there is a reasonable visual sense. The blog has not before that can put the link, so we do not add the mandatory link to go, I still think that content is king, the science of readability this blog is high, the original degree is high, it may be related to the transfer of home health programs. In addition, in the Sina blog as an example, the Sina blog can be set by calling the business, whether it is for B2B or the medical industry site, effective flow on the blog is an excellent dialogue.

2. label (label is a breakthrough, because it is mostly reflected a keyword), increase in access.

3. share to other interactive website, get more traffic and attention

1. release quality content, to create authoritative medical blog

has a lot of share drop in the blog below, we can appropriate to share the same type of SNS forum, because before the love of Shanghai ranked to see a medical article by everyone to share a home page ranking, but also is the long tail keywords nationwide. So share is a means of ranking. In addition, we can also send articles at the forum, blog and share. This is an interoperability, when shared, we.

What kind of ability is qualified is qualified in Shanghai dragon er

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: the first web site with the basic knowledge of

third: Master comprehensive knowledge of

like Shanghai, Google and other search engines, general search engine optimization has released the document data on the contents of these documents must fully grasp, not only to see the same point of the two search engines, we should also pay attention to the two little difference in what place, also should be able to see out of the two search engine optimization of website of partial key. As for the other search engines, the Shanghai dragon aspects does not seem to be related documents, so we can think that as long as the love of Shanghai and Google optimization good place, also suitable for other search engines.

website optimizationFor example, the

on the web grammar very skilled. For a variety of web design language, such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP and other mainstream design language, are very skilled. As a web page design to optimize personnel, if not too understand, will not be able to "change, it will be difficult for web optimization, because, in order to optimize web pages, and to make corresponding changes to the web page. Therefore, mastering the "grammar and web design language, for a website optimization personnel is a must have.

in Shanghai Longfeng staff should know on the website optimization effect may not appear in the short term can, on the site optimization to be prepared to fight a protracted war. At the same time also should have sufficient confidence in their optimization method, not on optimization does not go up, died.

fourth: strong enough quality in the heart of

a lot of people want to engage in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization industry, but to become a qualified Shanghai dragon website optimization if you "qualified"? To solve this problem, the author is quite has the right to speak, how to say? I also did in the website optimization industry fought for so many years, since that in this industry is able to perform the job. So here I will usually do in the optimization work requirements and should have the ability for buddies to introduce, hope like me in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization personnel can see whether they are against each other, do these requirements, whether or not qualified as a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon?

familiar with the main search engine

second: website optimization rules

keyword selection and optimization, selection and optimization of long tail keywords, the site of the internal links of the implementation, the external links of construction, dynamic static page, robots.txt file, using 404 and 301 page redirection, website image optimization, top-level domain and the two domain of mutual promotion and so on, all need to understand and to make full use of. Master comprehensive knowledge of website optimization, can effectively enhance the degree of search, and enhance the weight of the site, increase site traffic, so as to enhance the web site in the search engine ranking.


Website construction original articles Stealing Books is not stolen

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remember Mr. Lu Xun's Kong Yiji, after being caught stealing books still in a lot of excuses "stealing books not steal" stealing books not stealing"...... However, stealing books really can not be stolen? As a result, no matter how those around "stealing books not steal the proposition of sophistry, he was all beaten up. Why? Because the book is the owner paid a fee for, that is to say, the owner of the book exchange obtained through paid book title, but Kong Yiji does not understand this, do not want to pay any cost to themselves, not stealing it.

on the other hand, because contribute more, after some Adsense nets are often visit the site webmaster or Shanghai dragon er who are familiar with, some "smart" webmaster back directly to the Guangzhou site for the odd billion network. If you just see it, after all, write out no ground for blame, of course, is expected to have more people to read. But ask just here, they not only, also take. Xiao Bian had to check a large number of articles a few copies of the website of Guangzhou network website billion odd, even the title will not change, and are in small series just published shortly after being reproduced immediately, of course, the original link must be removed. What's more, Xiao Bian recently published article, check after two hours, I found in this article is a name of "Hefei ID optimization" published wholly intact to some Adsense online, included time is even better than the original site

an hour earlier! In fact,

Xiao Bian has encountered such a situation, we Guangzhou odd million Internet website, because will update the original article every day, some articles will also contribute to some Webmaster Platform, but gradually find it not only to optimize your site has no better effect, but the impact on the website optimization. The reason is small to Webmaster Platform to published articles, get outside the chain number is not much, the article is not well written, reading is not much, but in addition to Webmaster Platform, more will be reproduced the original link removed, changing the link on the crown of his own name, and as their original published on its website. Xiao Bian had better written the "success" of the website and the "embarrassments Encyclopedia of < Chinese partner > tell the Internet practitioners thing" analysis of "Penguin Empire hunt road", have been reproduced, but retain the original link to the article is less and less.

, about the original article being reproduced to remove his name on the crown link phenomenon in the Internet seems to have been granted things, for example to take a small car sales website or website design landscape articles at a Shanghai love search, can search out thousands of records. These two types of sites currently on the Internet, is not popular. Reprint articles, although the topic is different, but the content is almost exactly.


Three different period of the website optimization to help you quickly improve the ranking

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here will not talk about those too popular things, such as the choice of the domain name, free choice of these one-sided. Today everyone say less about content point optimization. The construction of an initial choice, there are many open source programs such as DEDECMS, ZBLOG, WP, Empire, more and more people use these open source program, the operation is relatively simple, and updated more diligent, is enough to meet the needs of our website, the program is more suitable for some personal website. For example, we want to do a blog, this time we can choose WP to build our website, but here, Xiao Bian want to tell you one thing, that is our site in the selection of these open source programs are very good, but when we give their blogs, the theme of the site selection you need to pay attention. Is not to say that all of the theme and the source are suitable, we need to consider the overall appearance of a blog or website, for their comparison, which is suitable for the user, which is not love the user. In addition, we must pay attention to these sites, blog is the code to spider, whether it is sufficiently streamlined. In the early years of a web site, the spider on our website whether or residence time is very short. So we can let the spider to most content on our website in the shortest time to grab, then we are building at the site of the initial win. There are some other types of company website, usually looking for someone to write a set of their own website program, to make its own out of the ordinary, this fact itself is not a problem. However, if we want to do, first of all to understand their own understanding and program development, optimization of knowledge, and not just to develop a program for it.

we all know, the development process of each site are experienced such three periods, early, mid, website website website in late three. Then in the three period and how we can quickly get to a good rankings? Xiaobian today to share some of their own these years do stand summary and we hope to help you master.

The construction of

for the construction site outside the chain, in fact, we do not need to go to various websites, the forum released a large number of the chain, because the search engine algorithm upgrade, the search engine itself can have quality identification of the chain. So if we want to send the chain, have to send some outside the chain of high quality. For example, some of the weight of a good forum, A5, the owners of the house, a push, to.

, a website early.

when our website officially launched, we need to make a reasonable layout of the site and site location, then, we want to do is website content update and publish the work site outside the chain. For a new station, small advice we can write some original content, because we all know that the spider is more love novel content.

two, the middle of website.

The construction of

The lottery site is down right Shanghai, the 60 day after diagnosis fast recovery to weight 5

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data is A5 marketing rectification in second times proposed by 2014-04-29:

site is down right in 2013 September, the original 5 of the weight of the site was down to the relentless love Shanghai 1 of the weight of the whole company, down right after all fell into a panic. Then the company leadership requires the person in charge to restore the weight in a short time, but they want a variety of recovery down the right way, also tried to contact the Shanghai dragon service providers seek solutions, but ultimately failed to restore the site, which lasted more than a month did not rely on the website profit performance of the company seriously decline. Finally, to seek diagnosis A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team on the site of the Shanghai dragon recovery service, after the diagnosis suggested diagnosis Engineer A5 in East China, they seriously implement the diagnosis scheme after only 60 days, the site began to slowly return to the weight, until the weight back to 5 and their leaders personally come to A5! Thank you for the website stationmaster net diagnosis engineers! [A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and consultant], 100% weight increase, we speak with the facts! Invalid full refund! Spend 5000, let you earn 50000 yuan.

above the site down right after the data, the weight dropped to 1, love Shanghai Lailu less, almost No. This has been done A5 webmaster network Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services and implementing.

note: customers in January according to a more than 30 page proposal diagnosis is carried out seriously, website weight March began to recover slowly, the weight of 4-8 in the speed, to the website weight at the beginning of September almost completely restored.


The following is the



The !The pathogenesis of



in order to protect customers' privacy, we can not accurately broke the customer specific website address, but every case of customer, are real



2, the website structure problems, cause search engines to repeat information;


more than three data graph, visible IP is speed up the state. At the beginning of September the website weight back to 5, and very stable, also love Shanghai Oleg on the increase in the current site, the weight is 6

1, included information quality over high similarity;




for the site to seriously implement the Shanghai dragon after diagnosis data, 3.19 when the love of Shanghai Lailu less, 3.20 love Shanghai antecedents drastic growth.

website weight recovery history: